going over spray painted lines with the background colour to define them/make them neater/make them skinnier.
that throwup was lookin whack til i started cutting back...now it's nice and tight - fancy a drink?
by some random bloke September 29, 2005
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The act of removing/blocking friends and contacts on social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook, etc. and Windows Live Messenger which you either:

1. Previously accepted as a friend/contact without knowing them (which has become common amongst young teens with social lives which lacks outside of a computer) and have decided to get rid of them


2. Have known for some time, but have drifted apart and have not spoken to in months, maybe years (often applies to a friend-of-a-friend whom you had a conversation with once and left it there)

In today's world were everything is business business business, and along with the current everlasting recession, the same should apply to social networking, as we simply cannot afford to know everyone.
I had 200 contacts in my MSN address book, so I made some cut backs, you know with the recession and shit, so now I have about 80.
by James the Paranoid Android August 13, 2009
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(in surfing)
a maneuver which consists of when riding a wall, quickly turning back the opposite way and then turning again to original direction.
(probably only makes sense to you if you surf, sorry)
'i did this epic cut back on a huge 4 meter wave yesterday, but i got wiped out'
by 3'buenos'14's December 27, 2010
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1.To Perform A Complete Lack of Sportsmanship During A Game Of Pro Evolution Soccer Where a Player Cuts The Ball Back Accross The Face Of The Goal To Score In An Open Net While The Keeper Is Completely Defenseless.

2.The Word Dirty Cut Back Can be Used in the Heat of the Moment as an insult to a fellow Pro Evolution Soccer Competitor
1. Liam: 'GOAL!'
Scott: 'It was a dirty cut back!'

2. Paul: 'Oi You DoucheRocket'
Matt: 'You Dirty Cut Back'
by Rawly March 4, 2008
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steal drugs, sell half, cut the rest back, the rest is bad.... unusable, probably coma inducing.
"she stole it and gave it back, but she cut it back wrong / bad."
by AQM December 5, 2006
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When felling a tree, a Tijuana back cut is when you do not cut a notch, just a straight back-cut.

Term only applies when felling entire tree
You don’t need a notch, just give it a Tijuana back-cut
by Morrison Redwing August 21, 2021
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