An executor is software that lets you directly inject DLL code from its directory to another application unauthorizedly. Most executors are against the game's terms of service and may get you in legal trouble if caught being used in a derogatory way against children online, they can be mostly seen in games like ROBLOX.

They are either private, public (free-to-use), paid.
Person 1: I'm using Synapse X to exploit.
Person 2: What's that?
Person 3: It's an executor that lets you exploit in ROBLOX.
Person 4: I see now, thanks!
by Federal Bureau of Skittles December 19, 2021
An angry spic cinnamon roll, prone to imaginary violence and hollow threats.
Diego: "Y'all n*** ers deserve a horrible death"
Fam: "We love you too Diego you silly Executor you"
by Willelmus Draco February 1, 2018
1. A mod who is known for thread killing after a single off topic post, even if it goes back on topic
2. A person who often sends posts off topic, so the thread gets killed by a mod
Oh damn, who gave him mod status, he became a fucking thread executor
by Threadkilla January 26, 2015
The authorized person to whom the responsibility of distribution of online assets is awarded.
responsibility of distribution of online assets is awarded is Internet Executor
by s j tubrazy April 21, 2013
To entirely allow a defined action.
"You will be executored for wagoning!" "Ah, thank you."
by CatArmour August 11, 2021