a bad reputation, something to get dissed for
he gets a bad rap, but he's a cool dude.
by birraconmani February 21, 2011
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something/someone that most people have a negative opinion about. using this term usually implies that the negative opinion is undeserved and may be based on gossip or profiling.

the term is derived from a R.A.P. (Record of Arrests and Prosecutions) sheet which law enforcement maintains on individuals within the criminal justice system. the "bad" part can refer to either (usually both) the type of conduct shown on the RAP sheet being particularly troubling, or that the accusations made on the RAP sheet are undeserved and unfairly assigned to the person.
CBD gets a bad rap because people think its just for potheads trying to find a legal way to get high, but it actually has a lot of benefits on its own.

Jack gets a bad rap because he was there when the party got busted, but he wasn't even drinking that night.
by OutlawLazerRoboGeek April 17, 2023
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alex lamonds's big bros music hahahahaahahahahahahahahah! fuck you!!!
he is bad rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kaykay April 8, 2005
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