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haha come to evansville its fun for 30 minutes then its dumb
by funnyman1022 January 25, 2011
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Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
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The largest city in southern Indiana and the third largest in the state of Indiana. With a population of over 115,000 and a metropolitan population of nearly 500,000, Evansville serves as a cultural, educational, and business center for the tri-state area that includes Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Nicknames for this city are "Pocket City", "River City" and "Crescent City". It can also be called "E-ville" or "E-town". This major city in the southern Midwest lies along an upward bend in the Ohio River and has a considerable skyline for a city it's size (Tallest buildings include Old National Bank Building: 18 floors, 248 ft, c. 1970; Fifth-Third Bank Building: 16 floors, 226 ft, c. 1981; Casino Aztar Hotel: 12 floors, c. 1997.) The city sprawls out over the rolling farmlands and meadows of southern Indiana at a total land area of 41 sq. miles. People are quite friendly and hospitable, most are educated and understanding. There is plenty to do in the way of shopping, eating, cultural activities, and sight-seeing.
Evansville has excellent healthcare centers and is a great place to raise a family.
by The Midwestern Soldier November 05, 2004
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The county seat of Vanderburgh Co. and largest city in city in southern Indiana, as well as the third largest metropolitan city in the state of Indiana. This considerably big city is home to a local pop (carbonated beverage) manufacturing company known as RC Cola. It is also the headquarters of Old National Bank and one of the regional headquarters for Fifth-Third Bank. Girls here are beautiful, the healthcare is great, and the crime rates are low. People are usually quite hospitable and the skyline is rather impressive when you consider the population of this big town. It's strategic location on a horseshoe bend along the Ohio River makes it a great economic and industrial river port that hauls in and casts off tons of barges with hot commodities like coal each year from its busy docks. The City of Evansville is the metropolitan "capital" for a tri-state area that includes southern Illinois, northwestern Kentucky, and southern Indiana. It is a fun and great place to visit with many various places to shop and an awesome mall. Evansville also has a very rich German heritage.
Evansville kicks ass and is accessible to over half of the United States' population in at most a one day-long drive.
by Radical Republican November 18, 2004
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Evansville should be renamed Hootersville on the Ohio
Downtown Evansville is dead despite a revitilisation project, involving too many commities with a lot of bad ideas. The latest improvement has been a bowling alley and a thirty foot plastic dinasour outside the new Children's Museum. Resturants are mostly chains. This town is mind bendingly dull. Greenriver road, the main shopping street, is an example of strip mall urban sprawl that is soul poisoning. Main library is packed on Sundays, you can't even find a parking space, as there is nothing else to do. Riverfront area has no trees and is very unpleasant in summer. Casino is second rate. Reduces me to tears of boredom and I am going to leave as soon as possible.
by rys01 September 04, 2006
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Located in the great state of Indiana, and possibly one of the greatest cities in the Nation. With well over 120,000 people, an impressive downtown skyline, excellent medical care, a casino riverboat, golf courses, almost any restaurant you can think of, a great nightlife and series of shopping centers, and even an arena (Roberts Stadium), Evansville has something for everyone to enjoy. You also get small town charm and hospitality mixed with a more fast-paced, big city lifestyle. The population is numbered differently by each person (usually 117,000-126,000), but the city definitely has over 120,000 people.
Everyone should see Evansville, Indiana at least once in their life.
by Straight from E-ville April 16, 2005
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