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A very big and retarded animal. commomly defined to be the tryanasourassss rexermerex. it has the largest cock in the animal kingdom weighing over 3 tons, and over 2 bussus long. it has the ability to poop ice cream vans, and has 2 USB jacks in the front of its brian, and in its left testicle. this means you can upload information to its brain if you so wish but you will probably get fuckingfucked. it is also known as the greatest lover in the animal kingdom. It can fuck your branis out. This is their greatest defense mechinisim against large predator. They also starred in the movie: TRON: The Uprising, but have very recently been excinct by chuck Norris. RIP Dinasour. (Protecter of joshs hat)
Badger: Hey, that dinasour killed payton!

Caden: Damnnn girlll
by TheMicx October 29, 2013
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by JDS12 March 27, 2020
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