Getting high.

Often used by members of the earlier years of Gen X or those who have recently discovered/are way too into the comedy career of Steve Martin who did a bit about "getting small," using it as a bizarre kind of antonym-based euphemism for smoking marijuana ("getting HIGH" vs "getting SMALL") and juxtaposed it with images of tiny people imbibing maijuana and speaking squeakily.
"Hey, dude, let's smoke until we get small so we can swim in the bong water!"
by FerventlyChilled October 7, 2017
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said to someone you want to disappear. as in "minimize yourself" or "get out of my sight"
Bro! Get Small Bro! you ain't nothin bro!
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Similar to the usage of do work, get small can mean a number of things depending on how you use it. Perhaps when you want to get drunk. Maybe when you want to go ride a bike. Maybe when you are going to class.
1. You guys ready to get small tonight?
2. Hey bra lets go grab some food; im so small right now.
3. Did you hear that new Senses Fail song? It's so small.
by greek-a-leak March 3, 2008
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To "Get small" or "Getting small" is from the 60's and early 70's meaning "Stoned" or Getting stoned and expanding your mind. Mostly used in reference to taking hallucinogenics, i.e. - LSD, Peyote, 'Shrooms, Mescaline, etc. Listen to "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane.
Let's drop some acid (LSD) and get small.
by El Paso Mark May 11, 2021
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Someone that has lost weigh or is losing weight intentionally.
Have you seen Roscoe lately? That dude is getting small.
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whats wrong with jason?
he is getting small with a bottle of NyQuil
by soufpaw8 January 11, 2011
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to leave or walk/drive away; refers to the appearance of one diminishing in stature when walking away from an observer, or appearing to "get smaller"
I'm about to get small and go to my friend's house.
by Esteban F. January 14, 2008
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