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estere is a young beautiful girl who does not know what she wants in life but she is a big flirt and constantly flirts with one person and is popular with everyone. she is up2date with fashion.she is a slag and a hoe
in a classroom

estere* heyyy
estere*what up dudes
person1*fuck you

estere*do you want a go ,shut the fuck up who the fuck are you to swear at me
estere*fuck yous he is fit
by smd04 May 29, 2018
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Estere is a beautiful and intelligent girl who knows what she wants to be in life and cares deeply about her friends. She's far from shy and does not put her focus on boys. Estere is an outgoing girl who likes to match make her friends.
Boy* she's cute I wonder if she's single
Estere* don't hold your breath, I'm not interested
by Soheilaneed September 23, 2018
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