Short for the title Esquire, used in the U.S. after a person's last name to indicate that they are a licensed Attorney or Lawyer able to practice law, give legal advice and perform legal services.
by Okaythen August 19, 2018
A suffix added to any possible sentence to make them seem more fancy and intellegente.

Also see -ish

"The blouse had a vintage-esq touch to it"
by Bea February 16, 2005
adj: being ian like (socially akward) being gullible
He was being very ian-esq fag
by countwolfram August 19, 2011
A man who believes that simply adding "esq." to the end of your name automatically causes one to become heighted to a state of classiness... FALSE
Toby is pretty jagged edged, Toby H Esq. is still, quite jagged.
by BradizzleL December 4, 2006
The Prosecutor to the booth, and Founder of Da "N" Crowd Conglomerate hailing from Philadelphia, Pa can be found on sites like Myspace, Youtube, Twitter, through music, fashion, and entertainment.
nelmotzyesq motzy motz philly nel esq phillywood hollyhood success da crowd conglomerate myspace esquire facebook youtube twitter hiphopNel Motzy Esq
by Da N Crowd Coglomerate May 10, 2009