awesome , cool, rad , great , sick
yo that burger was motz
by j bricks May 1, 2008
Can be a rather large person or a skinny person who just likes to eat a lot. The word is most commonly used to describe a person you dislike or if your friend does something stupid.
cool person: Did you just eat ALL 20 pies!?
motz person: yeah..
cool person: whoa, your such a motz!
by Sherrii A. December 24, 2007
A pussy. Usually referring to the hairy kind but can also be used for pussy in general

Derived from the romanian word “moț” meaning “tussle of hair” and other balkan countries.
1: cuz i had that bitch over and she pulled out the fattest motz i’ve ever seen i swear to god
2: fark bro that’s fucked
by Ciobanu September 22, 2020
A dead person, buried in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania, the love of my life.
Mildred Motz lived 1916 - 1937.
by Wexel November 16, 2010