A Latin term that translates to 'horse' in English.

The term is used in many forms of art.

1. Equus- by Peter Shaffer: A play in that examens the psychological world of a boy, Alan, after he commits an act of violence on some horses. This book explores the relationship between horses and Alan.

2. Equus- by Eric Whitacre: A song, beautifully composed with various repeating rythems played in different ways. Written for a full Symphony Band, it's considered a masterpiece.
That equus had glorious fur.

1. Have you seen that play, Equus, that has Daniel Radcliffe is going to star in?

2. My band is playing Equus right now.
by OliverJanBan May 3, 2008
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Laura: So why are you going to see Equus?
Gina: ...Uhm, Dan Radcliffe???
by Mikaela M August 6, 2008
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Jan: So why are you going to see Equus? The dude blinds horses!
May: Well, uh, Daniel Radcliffe is naked!!!!?
by x911emergency August 24, 2008
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equine personality depicted in colour. This unique style of painting was created by artist Linda Finstad.

The Philosophy behind the word is that although horses are one colour on the outside - their personalities are made of of a myriad of different colours which can be defined in one word "Prism-Equus"
The only way to create an image of a horses personality is by using the Prism-equus technique
by Famous Coffee Artist September 8, 2018
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Formal version of horse cock

Check out a spanish stallion mid summer.
Alex Trebec: This is the formal term for horse cock...
Contestant: What is penis equus?
by nofx9019 February 16, 2010
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Bitch nigga motherfuckin hoebag cunts licking donkey dicks while receiving a donkey punch....being slapped by multiple GIANT BLACK DICKS the men must be wearing nothing but aprons and chef hats. Being 100% nigga.
A LOT OF BLACK DICKS MUST BE PRESENT during equus ferus caballus
by BUTTFUCKER999 October 18, 2013
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The Hyundai Equus is an overlooked luxury vehicle that has been around for a while until it had been renamed the Genesis G90 in 2017. The first generation was released in 1999 and it hasn't been marketed to the United States until the second generation had been released in 2009. For a Korean made vehicle, it's too luxurious to be a Hyundai! No wonder they didn't badge the vehicle with it's Hyundai logo! But hey, if you wanna get a good deal (pretty much) on a luxurious sedan with a shit ton of bells and whistles along with a nice size V8, this is you're best bet!
"Man, the Hyundai Equus is so bitchin! But truthfully, I'd rather have the Genesis sedan since the Equus is way too much for me! I love the Equus, don't get me wrong! But I wouldn't picture myself driving that car at all, lol!
by Shb99 August 5, 2022
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