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A man that is destined to be punked because they do not possess the strength of character to be hard. A bitch nigga will always crumble when confronted by a real nigga.
by K. Washington July 25, 2016
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A man who, instead of behaving in a manly way, such as standing up for his actions or staying out of other people's buisness, behaves the way a woman, or bitch would, participating in gossip and talking behind other people's backs, with the ultimate goal of causing drama, like a woman (bitch) would.
Nigga's always runnin up to me on the street, "This nigga said this, this nigga said that...", man I don't give a fuck what that Bitch Nigga Said...
by Beemer July 08, 2007
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A man who does something very punkish, who can't keep his mouth shut when he fucks up.
Did you hear that Kobe Bryant implicated Shaq for affairs when he got busted? What a bitch nigga!
by Dwayne October 02, 2004
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A man who acts in a bitchy way towards other men.
Because Mr. Jones focused on the most petty things about Mike to make an issue out of towards his superiors so he could exercise control over him, that made him a bitch ass nigga.
by Anonymous May 09, 2003
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Bitch Nigga is a term that refers to a male, who reacts to situations in a female way.
Chris threw a tantrum because someone drank his vodka, he's such a bitch-nigga.

"You went shopping with your girl for shoes?? you bitch-nigga"!

"Bitch-nigga, your more of a bitch than a bitch"
by pingi22 June 24, 2009
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A bitchnigga, fake, a bitch, a herb, although a bitchnigga is often all talk he is a notch above a bitchassnigga, who deserves more resentment than just a bichassnig, who is just pathetic and not worth getting worked up about. You can spot a bitchassnig or BAN by his behavior and is often seen wearing sunglasses at night.
"Man I wouldn't say that about Ron, he'll fuck shit up dude. Man fuck Ron he's a bitchnigga he ain't doin shit."
by A X March 29, 2008
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This word emerged when the beef between eazy-e and D.r.e was at its peek in the early 90's compton. Someone who think he a gangsta but he a loudmouth wanksta that cant even front for his baby sister.
I shoulda murked that bitchnigga Shaun Bukusi! That ugly ass mothafucka think he a hot boy! I'll murk that dark child!
by kikuyumacheteslayerz February 19, 2005
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