John: Where’s this dickhead from Tony?
Tony: he’s an equatorial mate.
by The guvnor main man June 07, 2020
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A tropical drink made from spiced rum, ginger and lime (banana and passion fruit variations are often promoted by the limp-wristed). Indigenous Caribbean tribesmen believed that drinking an Equatorial Cock was the gateway to cosmic blessing.
Holy Shit! Did you see the fish he caught after drinking an Equatorial Cock
by Slor July 25, 2012
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a little rectangle of land in africa plus an island off the coast. a former spanish colony, it is currently known for an extremely unstable faux democracy. it has perhaps the most unfree press in the world, with newspapers banded.
equatorial guinea is right on the equator.
by Ben E. Hama January 27, 2007
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Due to the oil industry, it is the richest African country but it has one of the poorest average populations in the world. This is because the national leaders hog all the money to themselves. It is also the only African country that speaks Spanish. Its capital (Malabo) is on a tiny island (Bioko) far away from the mainland (Rio Muni). It's also really hot down there. Not to be confused with Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Papua New Guinea, Guyana, French Guiana, the island New Guinea, or the guinea pig.
by CallingAllTortoises April 15, 2019
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That one tiny country in Africa that is able to grow on its own without the hindrance of that much disease, corruption, or warfare. It had an impressive 20.8% growth rate from 1990-2002.
Equatorial Guinea is still far behind in terms of GDP and standard of living, but it sure is slightly better than most of the other starving and fighting countries in Africa.
by what_lolol May 14, 2009
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