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a little rectangle of land in africa plus an island off the coast. a former spanish colony, it is currently known for an extremely unstable faux democracy. it has perhaps the most unfree press in the world, with newspapers banded.
equatorial guinea is right on the equator.
by Ben E. Hama January 27, 2007
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little tiny carribean country that used to be under british rule. currently, it consists of a pair of islands that seem to exist soley for american, canadian, and european toruist dollars.
antigua and barbuda has nice beaches
by Ben E. Hama January 26, 2007
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a group of islands in the pacific that are a battered nation. surprisingly, the world's colonizing powers left them alone until about 110 years ago, when the british took over. the nation is significant, though forgotten, as being the home of guadalcanal and other brutal wwii battles. since independence, the nation has been involved in periodic civil wars. as a result, the militaries of austrialia and new zealand are the only thing keeping this country afloat right now.
the solomon islands are in the pacific.
by Ben E. Hama February 1, 2007
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africa's only wealthy country, it's made up of a number of tiny islands spread out over the indian ocean. the portuguese, british, and french all came here to trade (and conquer). in the 1970s, it became independent and drew up a constitution guaranteeing a one party state. 15 years later, a coup changed that. now this nation is doing ok because of tourism and fishing. and it's a good tax haven too. the swiss love to put their money here.
seychelles has a pretty big divide between rich and poor, but for an african country, it's doing damn good.
by Ben E. Hama February 1, 2007
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a country NOT in the middle east, despite being heavily islamic. this asian nation was one of the soviet republics that became independent in 1990. after it became sovergn, it plunged into civil war. the nation has rich natural resources and is a leading cotton and aluminum producer. unfortunately, it is currently a faux democracy, ruled by a former soviet official.
by Ben E. Hama February 1, 2007
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one of the east african countries known for safaris. a long time german colony, it was highly unstable during this time period. the british eventually took over. since independence, things haven't gone well. the nation has seen a marxist dictatorship and an unstable, mostly for-show, democracy and various wars with neighboring lands.
tanzania is where al queda bombed a us embassy in 1998.
by Ben E. Hama February 1, 2007
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a nation in south america, the dutch came here to establish massive sugar-producing slave plantations. after the nation won independence, numerous coups occured. it is currently a shaky democracy, resting on the balance of power between 4 seperate parties. most of the nation's money now comes from bauxite production. while most south american nations are primarily populated by people of hispanic and/or indiginous decent, the majority of surinamese are from india, indonesia, or africa- the 3 places where the dutch brought slaves from
suriname is a forgotten country.
by Ben E. Hama February 1, 2007
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