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Due to the oil industry, it is the richest African country but it has one of the poorest average populations in the world. This is because the national leaders hog all the money to themselves. It is also the only African country that speaks Spanish. Its capital (Malabo) is on a tiny island (Bioko) far away from the mainland (Rio Muni). It's also really hot down there. Not to be confused with Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Papua New Guinea, Guyana, French Guiana, the island New Guinea, or the guinea pig.
by CallingAllTortoises April 15, 2019
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(Noun) Absolute blasphemy

(Noun) A substitute to profanity

(Noun) What will happen if India wins WWIII. Most likely Sweden will be conquered by India, and it will be the law to listen to Bollywood music

(Noun) What those annoying kids that have no idea who Pewdiepie or T-Series are saying because they're tired of hearing Sub2Pewds
Horrible Person: Pewdiepie losing to T-Series!
Crowd: Stone them!!!

Gamer Who Just Lost: Pewdiepie losing to T-Series!
Mom: No dirty language in my house!

Teacher: Pewdiepie losing to T-Series will be the end of the world.
Students: Agreed.

Good Kid: Sub2Pewds
Annoying Kid: Pewdiepie losing to T-Series! (300x)
Every Sane Person On Earth: SHUT UP!!!!!
by CallingAllTortoises April 16, 2019
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(Noun) The puppet government set up by the school to give some kids a feeling of being special while also giving them no extra power or responsibilities

(Noun) A startup company that is never taken seriously

(Noun) A type of bird found in Canada (Look it up)
School President: Hey guys im in student council
Student: What are you going to do, become a dictator?
School President: No i cant do anything

Floridan: I work for a student council, and nobody believes me

Bird Watcher: Look at the wild, mysterious, and beautiful student council bird flap its wings into the blue Canadian sky!
by CallingAllTortoises April 15, 2019
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(Noun) Someone who is neither an introvert nor an extravert, but everyone hates them because they smell bad

(Noun) An element that only nerds know about and has no purpose in this world
George: Henry is such a tellurium, and I feel kinda bad for him.
Everyone Else: Shut up or you'll be smelling like garlic too.

Normal person: What is tellurium?
Nerd: Tellurium is a metalloid with 52 pro–
(Normal Person tapes nerd's mouth shut)
by CallingAllTortoises April 3, 2019
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Rocks with heads and devilishly smart minds that will one day outsmart humans and superbots and destroy the world
My former pet tortoise just hacked into my computer and is training an army
by CallingAllTortoises March 20, 2019
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