Described by the comic book guy as the sound made by Sinestro after being thrown into a pit of lava.
by Arcticfox2 July 23, 2008
Epic Proportion Assplosion. When the assplosion is so forcefull and hard it basically coats the bowl in one huge deluge of shit. The end result is a dirty, steamy, gas mask enduced defecation.

"Dude my stomach hurt so much that when I sat down on the toilet I had an EPA!"
by Danny Kaz May 18, 2007
An organization that used to exist.
Trump killed the EPA, and the glaciers and polar bears will never forget it.

"What are glaciers and polar bears, daddy?"
by Kris in Alaska August 26, 2017
Cool teenagers that the drives around in epa.
There goal its to find the unfound klitoris
Its that a Epa-raggare?
Oh yeah, shit we better run, scary
by En random person November 10, 2021
expression of happiness or surprise when someone says something
by besthueningkaistan November 21, 2021