1) A Latin American meat-pastry.

2) The vagina of a Latin American.
1) "That empanada was tasty."

2) "That Latin American's empanada was not tasty."
by estupido April 13, 2005
The natural occuring little space that may appear between a woman's legs right below her crotch and is usually observed from behind and when the woman is wearing tight jeans. You can actually see sunlight between the legs. Only can be seen on women who have great bodies. Called an empanada because the space is the exact size and shape of an empanada. Also it is usually seen on latin woman because of the way they are built.
Check out that ass! Did you see the empanada too?
by 711Arbor May 9, 2009
Smiling smugly as he watched refugee children being torn from the arms of their mothers, the only applicable word for Trump was 'empanada' - not the pudgy, cheesy lump he mimicked, but a person whose quotient of empathy was zero, nothing, nil, nada.
by Monkey's Dad October 27, 2021
Argentinian tipical food.
Its pretty similar to tacosor burritos, but way better and its done with different elements as well.
by 02051998 June 24, 2006
Empanadas are a special treat that Lucy gets when she is good. If she is bad, she doesn’t get any empanadas.
Good Lucy, you get some empanadas.
Bad Lucy, you don't get any empanadas.
by MrEthan33 October 3, 2016
Possibly the best snackfood combination, an idea that comes from a coca-cola commercial including two delicious empanadas and coke. Caramel apple empanadas can be purchased at the taco bell drive-thru for 99 cents.
Me-"Dude im on an empanada and coke binge lately."
Me-"OMG dude its like a mouthgasm!"