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1. Term used to describe an ox or similar animal.
2. Slang term translating to American English "dude" or similar word; term of camaraderie.
¡Ay, buey! ¡Alli viene la policia!
by Asmodeus December 07, 2003

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(n) Any of the variants of General Electric's 20mm M61A1 Vulcan Gatling anti-materiel cannon system chambered for 7.62 NATO or smaller cartridges. The M134A1 minigun is an air-cooled, belt-fed machinegun utilizing a rotary assembly of (usually six) barrels to propel 7.62x51mm bullets at extremely high cyclic rates of fire, ranging from 600 to 6000 rounds per minute, depending on adjustments made to its electrical feed system. Logistically, the minigun is often used as a helicopter-mounted weapon, manned by a single gunner. An experimental version, the XM214, is another type of minigun chambered for the smaller 5.56 NATO cartridge.
The soldiers, with the help of their minigun-equipped helicopter, were able to make short work of the enemy and report back to base in time for chow.
by Asmodeus December 07, 2003

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Noun: The white substance that erupts from a squeezed pimple.
Glen was amazed at all the pimplejism that came out when he squeezed the zit.
by Asmodeus August 27, 2004

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The process of adding bacon to otherwides baconless foods.
Baconify that burger for me, Cletus.
by Asmodeus December 07, 2003

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Oral pleasuring of a male sexual organ. Synonym for fellatio.
Nancy, I would like for you to perform dingalingus on me. Please, no teeth.
by Asmodeus September 12, 2004

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An extreme layman's term for a golf club. Often used jokingly, although some people are stupid enough to use this term meaningfully.
Hey, whys don'tcha use yer golf stick to whack away at them there things.

That 9 Iron sure is one helluva golf stick.
by Asmodeus July 28, 2004

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Spanish slang term used as an interjection, to convey surprise or alarm
¡Epa! Que traes, vato?
by Asmodeus December 07, 2003

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