enn is another word for a stripper with loads of money or someone who is hot
woah did you see that enn last night
by will salthic April 08, 2020
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okay, your name is Jenna and you tried that TikTok trend.
Hey Jenna! Did You Do The TikTok Trend?

Jenna: yep it’s enn.
by canyon is dumb June 27, 2021
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Enne is a term used for an attractive male with a fat, juicy ass and a massive horse schlong
You see Cameron over there? His nudes got leaked and he’s such an enne
by ThiccyNicky69 May 30, 2020
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short for ‘ain’t it’ or ‘isn’t it’, welsh slang
person 1: school is so shit

person 2: i know enne
by yumyumyumtum October 15, 2017
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danton enns is a bumm
danton enns is a peen
by godyyboi February 11, 2019
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