enn is another word for a stripper with loads of money or someone who is hot
woah did you see that enn last night
by will salthic April 8, 2020
okay, your name is Jenna and you tried that TikTok trend.
Hey Jenna! Did You Do The TikTok Trend?

Jenna: yep it’s enn.
by canyon is dumb June 27, 2021
Enne is a term used for an attractive male with a fat, juicy ass and a massive horse schlong
You see Cameron over there? His nudes got leaked and he’s such an enne
by ThiccyNicky69 May 31, 2020
Enn (also known as @cybiru) is destined to fall in love with the one, the only, Luci ( @xarantino)
hey do you know enn?

yeah, isn’t she married to Luci?
by niggaballs445 March 15, 2022
short for ‘ain’t it’ or ‘isn’t it’, welsh slang
person 1: school is so shit

person 2: i know enne
by yumyumyumtum October 15, 2017