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cute smile with the best sense of humor. got some book smarts and a down ass girl. she the type of girl you would wife up. beautiful on the inside. shy but loud. she the girl you can fall back on .
she a luci, the kind of girl you let yo momma meet!
by crazy4redlips October 31, 2010
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A kind but shy girl who always looks after he friends
Luci: are u ok
Her friend: ya
by Brigymnast May 26, 2016
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1. a fine ass
2. a strong mexican cocktail consisting of gin,rum & pineapple juice
3. one seen chick
4. abbreviation on lucia,lucy.
1. woaaah man, that is one luci.
2. im hangin from last nite blud, i was hittin the luci's.
3. i really like charmaine, she's a real luci ennit.
by August 11, 2008
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That girl you have been waiting for all your life. She is kind, funny, generous, smart, lovable, athletic, stylish, and most importantly herself. She is open-minded to anyone she meets. This is just the perfect girl you could ask for. She is grateful for what she has and will always offer to pay. Her family is amazing and she adores them a ton. You could literally not ask more a more perfect girl than her. She always brightens up your day with her beautiful smile. She will always try to look her best even though she may not.
luci: you look amazing today girl!
girl: thx!
by baywatch12345 February 27, 2019
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adj. to be embarrasingly cheap; unwilling to spend or give
(vb. luccing)
Pauly: bro, youre gona buy a bottle with me?
Mike: no bro, bottles dont buy happiness.
Pauly: stop being such a luci and pay!

Joe: buy a round of drinks bro, stop luccing around!
by princessgucci October 23, 2010
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