The name of someone who is extremely rich, sexy, smart and just an overall epic youtuber but he's also extremely autistic.
"Yooo is that Luci??? he's so sexy" - Carlos
"i love luci" - Lucy
by xdLuci January 10, 2022
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One of the most amazing, beautiful, smart, shy person you will ever meet. When you first meet her you will think she is shy and antisocial but once you get to know her she will become a crazy person. She will keep all your deepest secrets and never abandon you. She a natural beauty, her hair is perfect and never gets any pimples. If she feels nervous or quiet around you it is because she is scared she will do something wrong. A Luci is usually self conscious and she will continually try and tell you that she is fat but she really isn’t. She is a great student (usually teachers pet but doesn’t enjoy it) You are lucky to have a Luci in your life!
P1: is luci your friend????
P2: yeah! She is really amazing once you get to know her!!!!
by Luluashhhhhhh July 3, 2019
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Attractive, usually short, and very loyal. Luci is the kind of girl you bring home to your family. Luci is nice but mean at the same time and is always ready when it’s time to fight. Luci is known by many but has a small friend circle. She also has trust issues so don’t be surprised if she doesn’t open up to you right away. She is also isn’t very confident in her body even tho her body is amazing. But she is all together a great person. Keep her!
Boy: woah....who’s that??
Friend: oh that’s Luci, you should go for her she’s amazing
by Alix754 August 10, 2019
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cute smile with the best sense of humor. got some book smarts and a down ass girl. she the type of girl you would wife up. beautiful on the inside. shy but loud. she the girl you can fall back on .
she a luci, the kind of girl you let yo momma meet!
by crazy4redlips November 1, 2010
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Luci is a girl you want as one of your close friends and nobody will understand you like Luci does... she is an amazing girl who has beautiful long hair.

A Luci usually has a weird laugh, and she also swears a lot but she is also extremely nice to who she wants to be nice to.
She gets all of the boys, and has a small friendship circle at school, but a lot of people know of her which makes her super popular and if u fuck with her or one of her friends she will probably bash the shit outta u coz no one messes with her or one of her friends!!!!
Guy 1: Omg I love Luci but she is too good for me

Guy 2: Luci is my favourite person ever so I’m gonna ask her out
Guy 4: I just asked her out :)
by The.Legenddddddd September 27, 2019
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Luci is one of the most amazing, funny, shyest, craziest, most beautiful person you will ever meet in your life. She will be by your side no matter what. She is an amazing friend/girlfriend. She is extremely gorgeous but is very self conscious about herself. In a relationship she is shy and self conscious because she is afraid that she will get too attached and then she’ll loose them. She might not act as though she wants you to hold her hand or hug her but do it anyway or else you won’t get anywhere. SHE WILL NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE. EVER. If she falls asleep on you DO NOT MOVE. She expects you to keep all her secrets and wants you to open up to her and share you secrets too. So make sure you make the first move and DO NOT ask her!!!! JUST DO IT OR ELSE SHE WILL WORRY HER ASS OFF!!! This might all seem stupid but DO IT ANYWAY!!! Okay enough with the relationship shit. As her friend she expects you to keep all her secrets and DO NOT LET HER DO STUPID STUFF....alone! She is a very sweet girl and is amazing— just don’t piss her off and you will be fine!!!
Person 1: who is that?!
Person 2: that’s Luci! She is so amazing and beautiful!!!! Just don’t piss her off and you can be her friend!
by Margalo July 20, 2019
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