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A partner with whom you share erotic enemas, often as a part of anal sex and exploration. An enemate is usually a well-educated and enlightened person who enjoys anal pleasures and fun.

Participants usually take cleansing enemas prior to engaging in erotic enemas, so the activity is not dirty or messy.

Enemas can be given for pleasure to enemates who enjoy sharing true intimacy with their partners and who enjoy the feeling of warm water and fullness enemas bring, along with the feeling of cleanliness and purity that comes with the release. Most enemates find enemas to be relaxing and enjoy sharing the experience with someone special. Anal sex sometimes occurs between enemates, but not necessarily. For some, only the enema experience is what they crave.

Some enemates enjoy expelling in front of their partner or having their partner expel in front of them, but many prefer to expel in private.

Some also enjoy using suppositories, as well as enemas.

Some enemates enjoy sharing enemas in BDSM scenes and use them as punishment or for humiliation, possibly forcing the submissive to hold the enema for an extended period of time, often giving them a task to finish before they may expel, such as pleasing the dominant orally. The domininat may give the submissive an uncomfortable enema solution or amount to hold or make the submissive wear a butt plug or other device to assist them in retaining the enema. A dominant may also humiliate the submissive by forcing her to expel the enema in front of him or her.
My enemate Michael came over this weekend and we had some extended enema fun. I took a few cleansing enemas before he arrived so I knew I'd be nice and cleaned out for him. He gave me a two quart Dr Bronners peppermint soap enema that tingled and felt incredible. I was so relaxed and more than ready for anal sex.

I gave my submissive enemate a two quart soap suds enema last night, put a butt plug in his ass and hold it for fifteen minutes. He was begging for mercy, but I made him lick my cunt and make me cum before I let him expel.
by egirlky February 16, 2007
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