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Jayda is a girls name. She is generally a good person, but don't argue with her she'll win. She can be very outgoing and funny. She can also be quite shy before you get to know her, but once you get to know her you'll see that the girl is crazy (in a good way) she will always be there for her friends. You would be dumb to let her go. DON'T EVER TALK BEHIND HER BACK, she will find out and she will secretly never forgive you. She can be quite insecure and not confident sometimes so make sure you give her a compliment everyone in a while. She may look like a lesbian but be assured she is 100% straight. She is a very pretty girl with a great body. She loves having people talk to her first and really wants to be famous when she is older. She will always be there for her friends, so don't even mess with them or you'll have her chasing you down. She sometimes can be emotional so be kind when she is and ask her if shes ok. If she snaps back she isn't ok, but give her some time to calm down.
"Jayda is my best friend"

"You should of seen how cool Jayda looked when she was at the party"

"I wish I was Like Jayda"
by ExposedBYMe August 28, 2019
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a human being who often makes people laugh, usually has curly dark hair and also likes to joke around about herself
by 1134dont@me June 28, 2018
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Jayda is a very good looking girl, your worst mistake will be leaving her and she is one of the hottest things on the planet.
Jayda is so hot
by anonymous3478q67432 September 22, 2018
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Amazing at everything and supper nice, easy going, supportive and a loving sister and daughter. Extremely Cool.

Better than most (everyone😎)

#Savage and Great

FairytailLover and Anime Lover
Your acting live a Jayda that's so cool!
by KcXExtremeGaming December 12, 2018
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For whatever reason attracts guys she only sees as a friend but once every blue moon she develops a crush and gets friendzoned. Maybe it's karma. Will only say the most random things and is not tall but she will argue about that. Jaydas' are loyal girlfriends but worry about being to clingy so may just disappear for a day to make sure you have space. PLZ DON'T BREAK HER HEART THANKS
"Hey look that's Jayda"
"Yeah I know she asked me if I've seen any unique pigeons today"
by Bruhilikefries August 08, 2018
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A popular girl, fun,loving,sassy,can be mean, not fake, gets invitinvited to parties, Has lots of friends, Is a leader, Boys like her, Makes excellent grades, A Christian, responsible
by jaygirl68 December 09, 2016
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