a drug dealer with an extremeley huge ass and cant find pants to fit his/her huge ass

a fugly biatch who does drugs
damn those emus.

mr.ferguson is a really fat emu.
by IrockLikeAship (mel) October 14, 2004
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Australian version of "emo".
Emo music produced or made in Australia. (b.werner)
Blink 182 etc play a style that is refered to as emo music, Emu is really the same music just produced in Australia.
An Emu is also a large Native Australian flightless bird (like an ostrich).
by Benjamin Werner December 04, 2005
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a large bird with a long neck. the word emu is also a one syllabel word
predator approaches,emu places head is put into ground and pretends to be invisible
by illiterate rockstar April 27, 2006
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1. A large, flightless Australian bird that is similar to an ostrich.

2. A reference to an emo or gothic individual
1. "Wow I saw the biggest emu at the zoo today!", says Mark. "I hope it fucking pecks your eyes out", replies Sally.
2. "Gross, my school is just filled with emu fags" exclaimed Dan. "Probably cutting themselves to Blood on the Dance Floor right now" , Zach said disgusted.
by Sam Haynes September 01, 2016
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