The floppy, sweepy-fringed haircut sported by emo kiddies, worn in such a manner that will range anywhere between partially covering one eye, or covering an entire side of the subjects face. For full effect, the hair must be black, and combined with a spiky section at the crown of the head.
by ZakalwE October 10, 2005
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The adorable hairstyle all the emo boys are wearing. It it THE proclaimation to everyone that you listen to emo music, wear emo clothes, and are basically too cool for school. The origin of the name basically means "I'm emo, and my hair covers half my face". Some preppy and wannabe - scene girls tend to find these "emovers" highly amusing and gorgeous. The emo boys then completely ignore the gawking stares form these girls; continuing to apply their eyeliner and carve any combination of the words "tears", "pain", "hurt", "hate", and "sad" into their arms.
Preppy/Desperate Girl: Ohmygawd I'm like totally loving your hair, Sam!! Wanna look down my shirt?
Boy With Emover (Sam): Don't look at my hair, and if you're really lucky I'll look down your shirt...When I finish writing this deeply expessive faux-suicide letter to my mother, explaining that because she didn't buy me a cowboy hat for my sixth birthday I have recently resorted to stealing her nail polish and eye makeup to try and heal my everlasting internal wounds. *tear*
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having a complex brain able to think of new inventions but at the same time being to lazy to do anything about it because they are emo
Dude Kevin is so emovative but all that mascara is messing up his mind.
by Vincent Flannigan June 13, 2008
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A noun. Refers to the ridiculous haircut that is ever so popular among the "emo" culture. Where you have very long bangs and you comb it over in the front. Usually dyed black. Common side effects are depression. The name is derived from genre emo and the haircut the combover.
Normie, "Wow you look like such a faggot with your emover."

Emo, "Don’t hate me because I make myself depressed. I’m going home to kill myself.”

Emo Clone, “Now look what you did. You made his mascara run.”

Normie, "I pray for his success."
by The Muffin Man June 23, 2006
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Emov is a mix of a chav and an emo
they listen to the depressing side of r n b and dance they are still suicidal like emo's but they dress like half emo n half chav
basically someone wearin burberry n fake gold jewellery but mixing ther fashion wiv the emo look with the baggys n stuff now they are the real freaks :p
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When an older or folicaly challenged person uses the emo hair style to cover their balding or receding hair line, in the same way an old man has a 'combover'.
'did you see those pics on facebook?'

'you could so see his receding hairline'

'i know, he has an emover'
by jammifly August 7, 2009
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Both an Emo and chav combined. Emov.
“I can’t work out weather he’s an emo or a chav!?”
“Oh him? He’s an emov
by Ur.mums.a.fitty.69 May 13, 2022
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