the shit my friend says because hes illiterate and cant spell
friend: we do an eminence amount of trolling me: the fuck are you saying
by tsar bombalder June 20, 2021
A beautiful handsome boy, with very unique features, different from siblings. Been through rough patches of his life. Warm hearted and very kind. Strong believer in his faith, and will fall in love with one girl that he will never let go of. A personality you will not find in any other boy.
by sumz1uduntknow May 7, 2011
The most kind person anyone will ever meet. He has a heart of gold and will fall in love with someone he will always cherish. Though, someone who he one loved once , would give her life for him. She loves him very much even if he doesn’t feel the same.
Emin is someone she doesn’t deserve.
by unknown L February 21, 2020
The all-powerful sage and eminent junkie
by lang January 7, 2005
-You see Emin over there? He is like a god.
-Yeah, every girl wants him.
by PlayboyEmin October 9, 2018
amything and anyone hotter than a "kellie"
wow that kellie is hot, but this Emin over here takes the cake!
by vartan vartanians September 24, 2007
A turkish-armenian name meaning "my eminem".
Similar roots of Emina, Emmy, Emi. This feminine name often refers to a women with a curvacious body. She is usually strong-minded, a great lover, and ultimately posesses all that she desires. More attracted to younger men of darker complexion. The ultimate male fantasy figure.
She was the greatest courtesan of all.

In fact, as the Emperor lay on his death bed the last word he uttered was "Emine".
by Gabriele D'Annunzio February 4, 2010