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The worst Metallica album to date. There should have been solos by Kirk, and Lars.

Mix of Nu-Metal with Heavy Metal, which sounded really crap.

Even though im a hardcore Metallica fan, i'll always say St. Anger sucked balls.
Hey Jimmy. Wanna go to the Metallica concert? They're doing the "Madly in Anger with You" tour.

Fuck off wanker ! St. Anger blew ! I'll go if they're playing good music like Dyers Eve and Sad But True !
by Mr. Ownage June 16, 2004

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When you run into a wall with a boner and break your nose.
Aww, I just broke my nose, I ran into a wall while having an erection, at least Tiny Tim down there is ok !
by Mr. Ownage July 08, 2004

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Commonly used when someone bags you and you can't think of anything to come back with!
Joe: G'day Bob, hows it hangin'?
Bob: Ya mum's hangin?
Joe: Ya Fat!
Bob: Ya Mum's Fat!
Joe: What did I do to do?
Bob: Ya Mum did something to you!

"Joe has logged out."
by Mr. Ownage April 06, 2004

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Your masterful lord. Seen in the online game Planetside. Frequently misspelled as 'gaurdian of doom'
you got owned by the Guardian of Doom
by mr. ownage June 04, 2004

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Meaning Stupid Fuck.
Person #1: What's a Tomato?
Person #2: Lol
Person #2: You Sfuck!
by Mr. Ownage April 06, 2004

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My character on Runescape!
You cockless bastard!
by Mr. Ownage January 04, 2004

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The noise a china-man makes at a Golf Course in Australia when he can't hit the ball.
Monya, raararrar (untellable Chinese jibberish).....
by Mr. Ownage July 17, 2004

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