Person 1: I might ban you from Fortnite.
Person 2: Thank God
by RadicalRatisRad July 11, 2020
If your in the hood, and someone doesn't want to do something you would say " dam you a ban "
Another situation

" why you got to be such a ban you ban."
by Farruko January 3, 2013
- Ban : can you make a definition about me ?
- np
by NormalRandomPeople August 24, 2021
Ban is the name of someone who is both beautiful and smart, and also super sexy and attractive. She get all the guys without even flirting, like a boy magnet. All Bans are rich, and kinda spoiled, but they are one of the kindest creatures in the world.

She’s always nice to everybody, her heart is gold, she’s caring and artistic And incredibly talented but she hides everything she does. She doesn't like the attention but all of it is on her.
The name ban actually came from a nice smelling branch, which saved a city from hunger.
Ban is the most perfect human being I have ever met!
WOW, Ban is so smart, and also beautiful
by youuur girrrlll November 26, 2019
ban means that you where kicked out of something for a while or forever
You just got banned from my minecraft sever forever! For hacking
by EEEE master February 24, 2021
When you look up and see the ban in Urban dictionary is bigger than the ur

Or to be kick off permanently
by Yoyo lady March 20, 2020