a Elmo is a sweet sensitive drunk who just want to help everyone but ends up sometimes fucking things up, sex god. All girls go to him to have sex. a lot of people use and take advantage of his kindness. he's amazing and is extremly sweet.
by Sexyginger August 16, 2012
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That red fuck that stole my phone and threw it at a car and broke it in new York City
Elmo is a fat ass
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by Lilfam October 03, 2018
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1. the essence of evil
2.an annoyance or epic noob
3.the most evil thing, EVER!
1. man this place if full of elmo man.
2. man dude this guy keeps making roflcopters he's such an elmo.
by xaria347 May 26, 2010
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A popular american television host during the 80s-90s of his show "Elmo's World" with his co-host Mr.Noodle. He is also an actor and has been in countless classics like 'The Adventures of Elmo is Grouchland' (1999), 'Cinderelmo' (1999), and 'Elmo saves Christmas' (1997). He now starts in the hit T.V show Sesame Street where he helped children count and spell on PBS Kids. Before his time as a T.V host he served in Vietnam and won numerous medal including the Purple Heart
Person 1: Man, I really do miss being able to see the hit Television show Elmo's World!
Person 2: Ya, I loved Elmo he was a great actor in Cinderelmo, he really knew how to play the part
Person 1: At least we con see him everyday on the PBS Kids show Sesame Street!. Boy does that bring back memories every time I watch him.
Person 3: Did you guys know he served in Vietnam?
by NottaSovietSpy April 25, 2019
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The great deity who strives to rebuild this corrupt world in one of his own image.
Guy 1: Praise the Lord Elmo!
Guy 2: Praise the Lord Elmo!
Guy 3: Praise Jesus!
Guy 3: *dies*
by The REAL Eren Jaeger May 02, 2015
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A slang word used to describe high-quality marijuana that has tiny red hairs growing on it.
Man, that elmo we had last night had me wasted.
by bill April 22, 2004
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