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Along with Steve Carell is one of the stupidest humans in Hollywood, no wait, THE WORLD!
Will Ferrell + Steve CarellPeter Griffin
by Raw Doggy July 27, 2010
Gives THE BEST criticism, no doubt about that
*cough* ¬_¬ (Sarcasm, LOL)

How he was made a judge of American Idol (or how Ryan Seacrest is still hosting the show) I will never know. I mean it's a crappy show but hey, it has its rep you know?
*Singer sings lyrics to "Lonely Girl", messing up every high note*

Randy Jackson: Yo Dawg, that was tight. Perfect dawg, I mean dawg, that's the best singing I've ever heard, good job dawg.

*Crowd cheers*

Simon Cowell: Do you ever say anything constructive Randy?

*Randy starts to say something*

Simon: OK, well moving on. Look I feel your performance tonight was very... pathetic.

*Crowd starts booing*

Simon: If that is what people consider singing, I will gladly drop off the face of the Earth and start a modeling career.

Randy Jackson: Yo dawg, don't listen to him dawg. That was great singing dawg.
by Raw Doggy June 19, 2010
Ke$ha wanted in the music industry so bad. As a joke, one of her friends told her "Just suck somebody's dick that works there".

The next thing you know, she has a deal. Now she makes crap that nobody can stand to listen to, except softcore juggalos and juggalettes and people who are fucked up off their ass.

Her music is roughly (after editing) 98% auto tone, 2% her. I think she failed kindergarten AT LEAST once. Nobody stresses the letter "R" quite like her (What is swaggerrrr and who is Mick Jagerrrr?).
Ketchup, I mean, Ke$ha will probably stop being played on the radio by next week, tops.
by Raw Doggy April 6, 2010
A crackhead actor. When you think he's making funny faces in his movies, he's really having muscle spasms
Jim Carrey fan: "Hey look, it's Jim Carrey. Hey Jim-"

Jim Carrey: Back off! This is MY crack!"
by Raw Doggy April 16, 2010
A once great R&B singer who, recently, became a meal ticket for aspiring artists, (Justin Bieber, who thinks he's the shit because he knows Usher).

I think I'm going to download a copy of Fruity Loops studio and use nothing but the demo song, remake it 20 ways and add lyrics of wanting to have sex with bitches, befriend Usher and, get a deal, post my shit on YouTube and then see how many hits I can make. Boy I sure hope people appreciate my took-me-10-minutes-to-make-a-song music.

I still believe even Usher knows how big of a mistake he made with Justin Bieber. Justin probably wouldn't shut up about giving him a deal so Usher did it to shut him up.
On Usher's new song, the part that goes "Oh, My, God" is really just about how whack Justin is.
by Raw Doggy May 10, 2010
The Scrawny Sylvester Stallone. Oh yeah, he's a music artist... I guess it's club music. Pretty good music.
Pittsburgh slim... no example needed, i defined it enough
by Raw Doggy April 5, 2010