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A Scottish naval submarine made to look like a Dinosaur that once appeared in the Loch Ness. It only resurfaced to verify its course.
The loch ness monster isn't after your $3.50 chef, it has no arms to get it
by Raw Doggy May 09, 2010
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Lord Infamous

Born as Ricky Dunigan in '75, which makes him 35. He never left Three 6 Mafia. His contract with the label was breached because he'd been arrested too many times, and they couldn't have someone like that on representing their label. So with that, he became the Co-CEO of the Black Rain Ent. Label.

There's been many YouTube videos asking about who would win in a rap battle between Lord Infamous and Lil' Wayne (Who met to make a track with Lord and his group, the tear da club up thugs, called "Hypnotize/Cash Money" back in '98). Seeing as Lil' Wayne doesn't write his own shit, I'd say Lord Infamous would shit all over his bitch ass. But in real life, it remains to be seen. They have yet to reacquaint, but I hope that Lord's opinion of Lil' Wayne has changed since '98 and kicks his ass or shoots him. SOMETHING.

Every track he's been in he DESTROYS with his demonic, or at the least, violent lyrics. His verses are usually the only ones to look forward to on his label's albums. Everybody else on the label (II tone, T-rock, Mac Montese of TNT or Top notch thugs are OK, but don't have that experience like Lord displays)

No one else compares to Lord Infamous's horrorific lyrics except former fellow Three 6 Mafia member Koopsta Knicca. Rumor has it, the two will collab once again sometime in the future.
Lord Infamous has a very fitting name. He's the true King of Horrorcore rap.
by Raw Doggy May 13, 2010
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Don't get me wrong, I love the game. But I think it's time to cut the crap. You people deserve the true definition of how this all started.

Mario is a plumber who hates his crap life-no pun intended-so he gets fucked up off mushrooms and goes on crazy adventures with his brother, Luigi. The goal of his adventures is saving a stupid princess who seems to get a kick off getting kidnapped by a giant turtle named Bowser (how she doesn't run away from a slow moving turtle is beyond me).

Most common occurrence on those adventures is finding green shrooms and getting even more fucked up that they gain an extra life! 2nd most common is finding red shrooms and now they grow about 10 feet in size.

They find coins sometimes, only to support their drug habits and get more shrooms. In the old games, they used to find a raccoon suit that made them fly, but nowadays, they don't find any good shrooms to do that anymore. Fire flower power up is really diarrhea kicking in.

Goombas= dog turds, for some reason it's fun to stomp on them. They have no hands, they can't do anything to you.
When they lose a life, it's really the shrooms wearing off, until it's game over and then they wake up in jail.
You got any shrooms? Mario hears a princess in need of rescuing.
by Raw Doggy April 10, 2010
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The Scrawny Sylvester Stallone. Oh yeah, he's a music artist... I guess it's club music. Pretty good music.
Pittsburgh slim... no example needed, i defined it enough
by Raw Doggy April 05, 2010
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What you and your girlfriend did as kids when you took a pledge to the church, and then told your pastor you've never had sex with each other. Cause technically you didn't.
When kim and david were on the bed at night watching TV, they got horny. But they remembered their pledges. So they just took of their pants and underwear and had mutual masturbation then told their pastor they've never had sex.
by Raw Doggy April 07, 2010
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When a man who puts on clown make up and has sex with a woman, he goes down on her, tosses her salad for a bit then puts his nose in her asshole.
by Raw Doggy May 09, 2010
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