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I guess all the good names were taken from this idiot rapper. Middle name is "get".

I mean I'll admit he has some good songs, just his beef with T.I. just made him lose any and all credibility this guy had. T.I. ain't from Bankhead? OK, but respect him, he put it on the map for you so be grateful.

It's probably because of that beef that nobody really wants to do songs with him. Usually only does tracks with Gucci Mane (beefing with young jeezy, T.I.'s homie), Rich boy, and rocko.
Shawty lo... had a future in rap until his beef with T.I. Next time he'll know to pick his battles.
by Raw Doggy April 9, 2010
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What you and your girlfriend did as kids when you took a pledge to the church, and then told your pastor you've never had sex with each other. Cause technically you didn't.
When kim and david were on the bed at night watching TV, they got horny. But they remembered their pledges. So they just took of their pants and underwear and had mutual masturbation then told their pastor they've never had sex.
by Raw Doggy April 7, 2010
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Along with Steve Carell is one of the stupidest humans in Hollywood, no wait, THE WORLD!
Will Ferrell + Steve CarellPeter Griffin
by Raw Doggy July 27, 2010
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He was Homecoming King at Fort Meyers Senior High School... and he thinks he's real? He better rethink that statement and realize he'd be better off doing a movie for High School Musical... pussy!

Amazing how he was a college dropout. I mean how did he even make it that far? Probably beating up the nerds at school that ANYONE can take.

The club shooting was because his time was up and Lil' Boosie was next. He got mad like a little bitch and ordered his goons, the REAL niggas, to start a fight and shoot up the place. Yes they shouldn't bite the hand that feeds then but I'm sure they can just take whatever they want from Plies and feed themselves.

Plies got scared off stage at an Orlando area nightclub by rapper Trick Daddy. Pussy ran through a crowd of people and out the front door. Then Trick Daddy was assaulted by club bouncers and it's been said that Plies was the one who had assaulted Trick. Probably not, I mean Plies didn't show for a concert the very next day where he and Trick Daddy were both scheduled to perform. So well I guess he IS real... really SCARED.
The way the name came to him is simple actually.
Plies... I will make it easy on you folk.

OK so Plies is a pussy who lies. Pussy is sometimes shortened by its slang counterpart (or simplyfied for those who are following the math part) to "P".
by Raw Doggy May 13, 2010
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A once great R&B singer who, recently, became a meal ticket for aspiring artists, (Justin Bieber, who thinks he's the shit because he knows Usher).

I think I'm going to download a copy of Fruity Loops studio and use nothing but the demo song, remake it 20 ways and add lyrics of wanting to have sex with bitches, befriend Usher and, get a deal, post my shit on YouTube and then see how many hits I can make. Boy I sure hope people appreciate my took-me-10-minutes-to-make-a-song music.

I still believe even Usher knows how big of a mistake he made with Justin Bieber. Justin probably wouldn't shut up about giving him a deal so Usher did it to shut him up.
On Usher's new song, the part that goes "Oh, My, God" is really just about how whack Justin is.
by Raw Doggy May 10, 2010
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1. (agriculture) Acronym for Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane
2. (slang) Acronym for Do The Damn Thang
3. (wrestling) Wrestling move by Jake "The Snake"
1. DDT is fatal

2. "Ready to DDT mane, 'bout to stick up that bank tonight"

3. He hit the DDT on that foo and he didn't get up for a while
by Raw Doggy March 19, 2010
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Pronounced "Two Eleven"
1) Police code for a robbery
2) The second letter and the eleventh letter. BK, or Blood Killer. 311 is the opposite of this.
1) Radio dispatcher: We have a 211 in progress at the Circle K

2) We just call that badass Crip over there 211.
by Raw Doggy May 17, 2010
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