1. A little red dude on Sesame Street who now has his own crapshoot *ahem* show, Elmo's World. Voiced by a black guy named Kevin Clash.
2. A slang word used by preps in the remotest of cities in Western Canada meaning french kiss.
1. Sissy, put in my Elmo tape, pwease!
2. Oh my gosh, last night I elmoed with Joey!!!
by Psyche May 15, 2004
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The best and most adorable character on Sesame Street, bar none! Also available in foot-high plushie form.
by Solitaire August 20, 2003
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A high pitched freak of nature that has no moral, educational, or really any value whatsoever. In fact, it's been studied that television causes some autism, so elmo is really just making your children retarded.
Nananana, nananana, Elmo's world!
by dfljadf October 25, 2006
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A tall ginger person that can usually be found wandering the streets of the English town of Workington. He is usually found late at night and answers to the name Lee or Elmo.
I saw Elmo last night walking past the skatepark.
by michael terleckji December 10, 2005
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Teenager or adult with a perky attitude. Often speaks in a high pitched babyish voice. Often refers to him/herself in the third person. Colors everything in the lines with crayons, never uses black for clothing, nails, hair or decor.

1. Safety. Never touches razor blades, a steak knife or firearms. Buckles up. Always looks both ways, bus and bicycle safety expert.

2. Happiness. Answers promptly when spoken to. Generally gives a cheery response. May treat pets, plants, inanimate objects or strangers as special friends.

3. His/Her Own World. Unconcerned with the rainforest, Darfur, Dalai Lama, mental anguish, disappearing icecaps or the financial crisis. Offers gently teasing words to friends in difficulty (such as Mr. Noodle).

Note: someone familiar with the original sesame street lineup may call this person "spawn of satan".
He is so elmo when he sings to his goldfish.

Spoken by an elmo: "**mo is curious to see which of **mo's friends will be on American Idol tonight! We're all winners!"

We lost our life savings when insert big bank name here imploded, and you're all elmo about it.

How can you listen to that elmo music? There's no screaming at all and I can make out the words.

Don't be elmo, we're playing Russian roulette instead of Candyland for a change.
by ratherbedigging May 21, 2009
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A red furry puppet thing that has a pet goldfish.
This "puppet" is known to have a gun in his diaper stash.

He will kill you in your sleep or show up in a mirror whenever you look in one.

DONT LOOK IN A MIRROR THAT HAS A MIRROR ACROSS FROM IT or then Elmo comes to be more powerful because he is now a polturguist!

Cally: "Wanna summon Elmo in the mirror?"
Haley: "How do you do that?"
Cally: "Yell, 'ELMO YOU ARE A GAY PUPPET' into the mirror and wait."
*Elmo appears in the mirror and shoots them*
by Misseshappydinkles December 04, 2007
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