1. A word us Canadians do to get an answer or to turn a sentence into a question
2. What the fonz said
Tim: hey man that was a sweet hockey game last night eh?
John: Take off hoser, those refs were terrible
Tim: your just a sore loser. Maybe you shouldstop cheering for the oilers

Tim: Hey Fonzi
The Fonz: Ehhhhh
by Adam Perry April 03, 2006
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interiezione che esprime sorpresa o disappuntooppure usata quando qualcuno ha detto qualcosa chenon si Γ¨ capito bene.
Hai capito?..eh,cosa hai detto?
by giulezio March 19, 2016
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1. The first letter in the Canadian Alphabet.

2. What Canadians say after every sentence.

3. Something that people say when someone else is wrong about something.
Eh, B, C, D...

How about them Canucks eh?

Person A: Let's go see Rio!
Person B: Eh!
by jEHson June 17, 2011
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can be used to form a simple sentence into a question, it also is commonly used to say "i'm right, aren't i"
(question) Your hungry, eh?
(am i right) So they wnet to the park, eh?
by jay sircussock May 10, 2002
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Canadian: Used as an interjection in a convorsation. Probably used more in Americans imitating Canadians than Canadians themselves.

American: Used to express indifference or when you're not sure

Arabic: Means "yes" in Arabic.
Bob: Nice weather today, eh?
Joe: Yup

Bob: What did you think of that Geometry test?
Joe: Eh...

Bob: Bidek mai?
Joe: Eh

("Do you want water?" "yes")

by wurd. August 12, 2006
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adj. Used to describe something or someone uninteresting, boring, or unexceptional.
We used to be really tight friends.. now we're just eh.

That movie was kinda eh.

She used to be cool, but now she's kinda eh.
by efcorson September 23, 2009
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You: "Eh?"
Me: "Chupa!!!!!!!!!"
by Join the navy March 01, 2016
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