Slang term that comes from the root word David, a name, which means beloved.
Davie is however a more modern, fun take on this name. It also means cool, hip, dope in a very relaxed, kind of way.
Ex. " Dude! That shirt is so Davie! Awesome!"
Ex. " Dude! That shirt is so Davie! Awesome!"
by BuddhistPunk January 14, 2007
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Davis is an amazing friend. You can tell him anything and he won't judge. He has a good taste in music and a great sense of humor. Davis is also very smart and understanding. He thinks he doesn't have many friends, but anyone would be lucky to have him as one.
Girl: "Who's that over there?"

Guy: "Oh that's Davis my best friend."
by SBear23 May 11, 2017
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The term/name, Davis, is referring to the embodiment of celestial and cosmic energy - creator of the multiverse, and a part time economics leader of reality itself. Everything ever created by Davis (literally everything along the lines of existence) revolves around Davis. The presence that roams across dimensions, and the one above all. Davis is inevitable
by Collector of Knowledge December 22, 2019
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a funny, straight forward person. they are open-minded and very playful. Despite their fun, immature side, they can be mature and very strict. they love to take care of their friends and loves to flirt.
"You see davi? She is hella lit"
by lilcaty September 3, 2017
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Davis is the nicest boy you will ever meet very good looking usually plays hockey and loves rap music also has a big dick and gets many girls
I wish davis dick was inside of me
by My name is jay May 23, 2019
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good looking, nice hair, hopeless romantic, fresh to death, smart, funny, well dressed. usually a skater or surfer. likes emo music but is the total opposite or emo. faithful to his girlfriend and very very very rare
"Oh my gosh that guy is so davis!!!"
by Stephottie from New Jottie April 19, 2006
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Davis is a tall, sexy, athletic, muscular guy who can steal anyone's girl if wanted and is super nice and is friends with everyone and he gives he gives the best hugs ever
Girl: Did you see that guy
Girl 2: yea that's davis.

Girl: He's so hot.
Girl 2: and I heard he has a big dick
by :50 August 21, 2017
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