an insular communication space where everyone agrees with the information and no outside input is allowed
The broadcast is just another echo chamber for self serving interests.
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A person who totally, obsequiously agrees with everything another person says.
“During the meeting my boss Jeremy calls on Jason, who’s a well-known management echo chamber to ask if Jason thinks the Company’s new and much stricter internet policy is a fair one. The rest of us spend the remainder of the meeting retching at the resultant tsunami of blatant ass-smooching.”
by Mo Dixley April 9, 2009
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A woman's pussy that is so stretched out of shape that if someone were to say something while going down on her,it would echo at least 3 times.
Damn Stephanie! What did you do, hump a cruise missile? This echo chamber is HUGE!
by Gollum May 25, 2006
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"Dude did you see that twitter added Echo Chamber's to the app?"
by Wulf715 May 21, 2020
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An environment where a (negative) behavior is encouraged or normalized, causing multiple individuals to adopt the normalized behavior, resulting in an echo chamber. When the behavior is shown outside, it is generally frowned upon.
Did you hear that Rob was stuck in that cult, how could that happen?
I guess he was just stuck in an echo chamber.
by Mr Pseudo Psych August 19, 2018
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Torn & Carl
Carl is being an asshole because torn says its alright and says that its not that rude
Torn gets criticized for making carl such an asshole
Carl then defends torn because torn tells him its alright behavior
This is another Echo Chamber like situation..
by Xyph December 23, 2021
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Public Relations slang for the tactic of repeating some fake factoid so loudly and so often that many people start to believe it. It is even more effective if public figures and celebrities are used in the echo chamber.

This technique was used for years to debunk those who noted the first signs of climate change.
the echo chamber was used for years by the tabacco industry to deny the health effects of smoking.
by moonbug November 17, 2006
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