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A customer that makes you want to say not nice words, but you can't because you're at work.
I had a long day at work. Enough "cuss"tomers for one lifetime.
by Someone who kinda exists July 2, 2022
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Where the FBI takes you when a lewd artist forgets to say "All characters are portrayed as being eighteen or older."

"You're going to Horny Jail!"

"No! I didn't know she was only sixteen! I was just on Deviantart and the artist forgot to say that the characters were aged up!"
by Someone who kinda exists August 17, 2021
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Two guys who used to make puns together and became famous as "The Pun Guys." Now they ran out of ideas and they just do whatever random crap they want, occasionally with puns sprinkled in to remind you that they used to be the most legendary pun-making group on the Internet.
Remember when John Nonny & Dan Shaba made puns?
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A tragically young death, typically at or below the age of 40 or 50.

There's quite a few variations of the phrase. "Digging yourself an early grave", "Meeting an early grave", and "Driving someone into an early grave", to name a few.
1. Rhonda's son, Carson dug himself an early grave at the age of 29, thanks to his drug abuse and alcoholism.

2. Michael and Paula had a son named Harry, who met an early grave at the tender age of eight, due to leukemia.

3. Earl's job forced him to work odd hours, resulting in severe sleep deprivation. He aged very poorly as a result, and it ultimately drove him into an early grave at the age of 36.
by Someone who kinda exists December 7, 2020
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1. Something extremely dirty and uncalled for, used to gain an advantage.

2. Masturbation.
1. China releasing a virus across the world was a real dick move.

2. Masturbation is technically a "Dick Move" if you think literally.
by Someone who kinda exists September 30, 2021
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A day that was statistically proven in 2010 to be the most boring day in (recorded) history, at least in the 20th century up until that day. Three events occurred on this day: An election in Belgium, the birth of a Turkish future academic, and the death of a long-retired football (soccer) player.
Imagine a major life event for you occurring on April 11, 1954, and more than fifty years later, the day is only remembered for how statistically boring it was.
by Someone who kinda exists November 21, 2022
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