words speaking ghettoly by mostly blacks(dont hate)
Damen: my nigga be willin ova nuttin son he be smoking to much dust.
shanana: na na dont be hatten on my homeboi cuz he crunk
damen:be quie u kno all he be doing iz poping dem gats and smoking dat stuff
shanana:aight aight you stright dat es all he be doing
by Tiara August 21, 2004
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is an actual dialect of english. just like any other dialect of english it will be slightly different from english. Is does have SYNTAX. Verbal marking, its own phonological system different from english. This is not what blacks do to not learn english. Read a book. African American English by Lisa Green. You will be informed or maybe not if you don't understand linguistics. By the way, there are many variations of English. Do you know which one you are speaking?
my examples are too extensive so I will put normal ones

Terms for females in ebonics
Bopper, dime, honey, hot girl, ma, shorty, wifey
These are labels for females used by males. If there was no systematic way of doing things then a female would be able to say these things and not seem a little odd. As a female it would be odd to label a girl as a "shorty".
by Lovingthrill October 25, 2006
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A form of city slang, often used in the hood (ghetto neighborhood). It's just like any other language, you have to know how to speak it in order to understand it. Often people who understand ebonics, also understand the proper use of words. Just because they can understand ebonics, does not mean that they are unable to speak "properly".
Example 1:

Ebonics: "I done ate my grub, now I best be gettin' on"

Proper English: "I've eaten my food, so now I should leave"

Example 2:

Ebonics: "I finna kick it with mah homies up in mah crib"

Proper English" "I'm going to relax with my friends at my house"
by ColdWarKid96 June 16, 2009
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The way black people talk its stands for, ebony which means dark and phonics with means like the way of speaking or the vocabulary so in other words the way black people speak.
Like for shizzle my nizzle thats part of ebonics or like that was a hizzy for shizzy party.
by Gizmo April 09, 2003
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ebonics is the act of using almost every word your english teacher didnt want you to use. it uses the latest slang or "in correct grammer" of the weak. it is useually spoken in the ghetto and poorer parts of town. some people speak ebonics as a 3rd language or just as a joke (e.g. preppy high schoolers) some people use it as a joke and when they need to get their point across to certain groups of people(e.g. myself, the person who is getting their poin across) and some people use it as every day language, they also dont call it ebonics, they called it "talk"n at cha". ebonics also involves putting an "izle" or "isich" to some words. it also works by just adding a J or an X.
Yo G, ima B5 to da mizall rite quick and get my mack on wit da shawties, ya dig me? or can u not speak my ebonics.

look here playa, i dont like you crankin yo game on my blizzock, so you beta raise up outa here befor i have bust a kizzap in yo wana be back side. do u dig, trick?

MAN1: shut izz up rite quizzick, i trin wizzach da tv bizzich. i said hush up in ther!
MAN@: yo dog, u really cant speak ebonics. i mean im spitten dat at cha cuz i keeps it real. YA MEAN?!?!?!
by *T*J*L* June 14, 2008
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Wud up doe?!?! Id jus liketa say dat i cin speak bof ebonics an english so damn good. fa reel tho i am like da most bilingual motha in this bitch. So as all yall cin see rite bout now dat i cin speak n unda stand ebonics...I am a white female from Detroit, now dont be afraid, im not dangerous most white peple cant but im def so so special fa reel do. i spell "the" as tha and usuaally replace my ths with a d an all that otha shyt. i be listenin to rap an hip hop all tha time....tho sometihmes my whiteness comes out an i find myself listenin to Hilary Duff...ay dont blame me, im only 16. Dis iz a big acomplishment fa some1 mah age to be able to speak dese 2 languigiz yeeeeaaaa u kno how i do. i be smokin blunts wit mah homegirls an sum fine ass niggaz...ay, dont be hatin...im mo black den mos ov yall....but den on tha oda side, i cin be as white as yew want me ta be... i onli speak ebonics around mah girls and may homis. but around family, i gotsta keep it white and PG 13 ya kno. cuz dey dont kno. Dey jus don kno. but i kno u kno, u kno? haha, naw...but i rite to much. U kno how we do it in tha D u kno fa reel. but im bout ta go make me some Ramen Noodlz and buy me some hot cheetos an go watch BET an den afta dat im prolly bout ta jus go play basketball in da alley on da souf side haha, u kno!!! aiight den, so peace out homez. Adios haha naw, idk
Do yall realli need mo exampuls of ebonics??? fa reel now. i mean come on. all dem ppl do who be sayin ta add izzle and shit like dat..i just wanna say to all u white ppl out derr who cant speak wit da hood, dat we dont say dat...so jus lettin y;all kno, but uh im boutsta be out do....but mah name aint really Shaniqua, im just fronin. haha peace
by Shaniqua haha March 11, 2006
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Ebonics is a term that was originally intended to refer to the language of all people descended from enslaved Black Africans, particularly in West Africa, the Caribbean, and North America. Over time, and especially since 1996, it has been used more often to refer to African American Vernacular English (distinctively nonstandard Black United States English), asserting the independence of this from (standard) English. The term became widely known in the U.S. in 1996 due to a controversy over its use by the Oakland School Board.

What is claimed to be the initial mention of "Ebonics" was made by the psychologist1 Robert Williams in a discussion with linguist Ernie Smith (as well as other language scholars and researchers) that took place in a conference on "Cognitive and Language Development of the Black Child", held in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1973.23 In 1975, the term appeared within the title and text of a book edited and co-written by Williams, Ebonics: The True Language of Black Folks. Williams there explains it
"While it is clear that the previous definitions were written by racist white people who are VERY ignorant and unlearned, I just thought a black girl like myself could elaborate and give the TRUE meaning of the word". White people still fear what they don't understand and instead of trying to learn, the retaliate with their ignorance. So who is really the more inferior race? You tan in order to be darker, your women love to attach themselves to our men. Your men LOVE our curves, and your teenagers idolize our music, clothing, and our language. SO SAD!!! And get over the fact that the PRESIDENT IS BLACK!!!!EBONICS!
by RACISIMSTILLEXISTSIN2011 February 17, 2011
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