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Interjection best used when in pain, surprise, or discontent. See also shit,holy shit.
Jesus Christ: I am your lord and savior. I have returned.
Person: Jesus Christ!
by Jesus Himself April 24, 2005
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Yo lisin' up y'all. Ebonics be a way of talkin' when you in da hood o' up in da club. When you be talkin' Ebonics, guys is pimp}s or gangstas. Girls is hos or fine piece o' ass. When you sees someone you knows, you ax dem a qwestion, like,
what up, or what up playa. After you says something, you can say b-otch. You can be sayin' yo mama a lot of da time. It's betta if you wears some bling or be in a car that bouces when you says Ebonics. Do you gots it?
Yo, what up playa? Yo mama be up in da club, ho! B-OTCH!!!
by Jesus Himself May 10, 2005
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I'll make this simple. The Beatles are the best band in the history of earth(except Simon and Garfunkel). In fact, the Beatles are the most important feature of human life besides maybe food, which we also need to survive. The Beatles are more popular than Jesus, take it from me.
person#1: Dude, did you hear the new CD from 50 cent, it is off the heezy!

person#2:Man, shut up! The Beatles are where it's at. You wouldn't know good music if it bit you in the ass!

(Of course, exceedingly awesome music like that of the Beatles does not bite people in the ass. It is lame-ass posers like 50 cent and Avril Lavigne that bite some serious ass.
by Jesus Himself May 8, 2005
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This is a game used to determine the order of something, much like drawing straws. Play begins when somebody declares, "Nose Game!". As soon as it is called, players try to be the first to touch their noses with their index finger. The last person to touch their nose loses, and generally is forced to do the unwanted task.
person#1: How are we going to decide who's going to go get the door?

person#2: Nose game!
by Jesus Himself May 31, 2005
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A yellow bus carries me there every morning Monday through Friday.
Oh, no, here comes that bright yellow bus to take us to Hell!!!!!!
by Jesus Himself June 3, 2005
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