Aks is a common way to pronounce "ask."

Etymologically, the word ask is derived from the Old English word for "ask". The Old English term had two forms, acsian and ascian, the former being the literary standard until about 1600 when the latter gained the imprimatur of being the high style variant. The /aks/ variant was and still is utilized in several dialects of United Kingdom and is particularly associated with the West Country dialect of England.

In the United States, the /aks/ variant is a particular feature of African American Vernacular English (AAVE). It is possible that /aks/ variant was also the form most commonly used in the dialect of English to which the slaves were originally exposed, and has persisted in AAVE for the same sociolinguistic reasons that other features persist. The /aks/ variable in AAVE is unique in that it is the only example of such a phonetic shift, and thus is unique to the word "ask."

The /aks/ variant is an example of the natural switching of sounds called metathesis. This occurs usually because in the speech sound patterns of that language or dialect that pronunciation may be easier. This is not a degenerate way of speaking. All languages and dialects are linguistically equal as they are all systematic and rule governed.

Racist motherfuckers.
Stating that aks is ignorant or lazy is just an example of imposing a value system by treating one variety as privileged.
by Don't Aks Me November 26, 2009
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An incorrect pronunciation of the word "Ask", used by illiterate morons. Pronounced "ax"
"I needa aks you a question"
by BigBrotherThunderAndTheMasterB October 18, 2020
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Aks WAS the correct English and original pronounciation as England had conquered most of the world enslaving the Africans, this pronounciation has therefore entered the Ebonic lexicon through osmosis (subconciousness) it is therefore genetic of black people to pronounce aks as opposed to ASK. It has nothing to do with laziness because Bob Marley a well educated man and such spoke all the words of english properly, however he had difficulty pronouncing ASK. Ebonics is just another excuse to call black people stupid when in fact their cleverer than we think, they're fooling us all.
Excerpt from buffalo soldier:

Then you wouldnt have to aks me,
Who the 'eck do I think I am.
by Sukhdeep Sond August 19, 2008
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The weapon of choice for when you absolutely, positively have to kill every mother fucker in the room.
The room was full of terrorists so I cracked the AK and swept it clean!
by Timmy Leary June 13, 2008
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An exclamation of surprise when u find out it is actually a 2 letter word u can use in scrabble
“Is ak a word” “yes it is
by Steve the scrabble master August 18, 2018
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Avtomat Kalashnikov.
An automatic rifle created by Mikhail Kalashnikov, originally implemented and designated AK-47, the rifle design was closely based on the Nazi Strumgewhr-44 (STG-44) (English: Assult Rifle, 1944). Originally chambered in 7.62x39 Soviet, the caliber was changed in 1974 to a smaller, higher velocity caliber because the Russian military felt that it would be better suited against the .223 Caliber used by the United States. AK is also often used to refer to an assult rifle, and often mistake with Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30 rifles by stupid cops. The rifle often sports a long, banana clip, but can also accomodate small magazines or drum magazines.
"Make way for tha led spray of my A-K or this will be your last day"
by .357ROB October 1, 2003
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