A term that back in the 70's meant someone on the other end of a CB radio communications that you were on good terms with and since then has morphed into meaning homosexual trucker.
1) Thats a big 10-4 good buddy, it's time to put the hammer down. 2) Roger that good buddy, I'm in the back row of the Flying J and am ready to play meat puppets.
by Jolly Roger March 16, 2004
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A good buddy is a friend that goes to town and gets two blow jobs, comes back, and gives you one
Thanks for that one man - you sure are a good buddy.
by Carrick April 28, 2003
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Trucker term for a truck driver fudge packer
See that driver ,that man wearing hot pink shorts,he must be a GOOD BUDDY.
by trucking bong September 24, 2003
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In slanguage, a friend. Frequently confused by n00b CBers with good body.
I ain't no good body, good buddy!
by Downstrike September 16, 2004
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anyone that applies pressure to a mans prostate in order to act as a contraceptive during sex, but can also be done just for fun
It stinks that whenever me an my girl have sex, my good buddy has to be there so she doesn't get pregnant.
by Joe Pell February 10, 2008
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apparently its the meaning of 1/3rd of my |_|83R 1337 SN.
T**** G**** Good Buddy 3 k(thousand).
by tggb3k December 8, 2004
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Slack office hours of 10 AM to 4 PM.
co-worker 1: "Tim came in late and he just left early, did you see that?"

co-worker 2: "10-4 Good Buddy"

thusly: Good Buddy Hours
by Greakan May 14, 2008
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