The act of simply penetrating your tongue into your girls butthole SB SB SB
1. Her pussy wasn't working so I had to fade eating the booty

2. I'm a slutty boy so eating the booty is fuckin daily nigga.
by giveherD December 23, 2013
The process by which a man or woman intends to lick the ass hole or crack of a woman or man. This is not a unisex thing, girls do this too. This happens when a man or woman is about to, or in the middle or preforming intercourse with their partner. The man or woman goes down to the ass, and begins licking the hole or crack vibrantly.
Man: " Madam, I intend to make your back end happy!"
Woman: " Do you mean to eat the booty ?"
Man: " Why yes, my dear, I do mean that very thing."
by Hollow Mann January 30, 2014
The process by which a man or woman lick the asshole or buttcrack intensely causing pleasure to the significant other. This can be in the middle or before intercourse and cannot be gneralized as a one sided sex habit. Both males and females "eat the booty."
Shaniqua: "I wanna try something different in mind tonight"
Tyrone: "What did you wanna try?"
Shaniqua: "I want you to eat the booty"
Tyrone: "Let's get it!"
by Eaton's Ass January 13, 2017
First, you spread the cheeks.
Then, aim for the hole.
The use that tongue like it's a machine gun nigga
1: "I ate that hoes booty. Tight as fuck mah nigga,"
2: "Lemme show you how to eat the booty, mah nizzle,"
by XaniDefinez October 18, 2017
When one indulges in licking and/or orally stimulating the anus
Damn bro.... I'd like to eat da booty of dat bitch!
by Drummer757 September 30, 2015
Eating the booty like groceries is when one person licks another person asshole as if they were eating a meal out of the anal cavity using only the tongue.
Jane told her friends "John was eating the booty like groceries."
by SamiiThoo August 8, 2015