when someone likes something on facebook that isn't a good thing but they like it just to be an asshole
mel's status was "snowed in for the next 2 days" i gave it an asshole like
by mjamor53 December 21, 2009
example: Collen's asshole is so deep, her asshole is like a clowns pocket.
example: Jack's asshole is like a clown's pocket.
by TheOtherBrownMan January 15, 2014
Keep your thoughts to yourself. Fools are better seen than heard.
If wanted your opinion I would have asked for it! Dont you know opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one and most of them stink.
by The Savage Legend June 21, 2009
Excuses are like assholes. Everybody has one, and they all stink.
Me: "Sorry, I was doing some calculations, and writing a recommendation letter and didn't get a chance to work on the proposal". You: "Excuses are like assholes. Everybody has one, and they all stink."
by rbraswell September 23, 2008
Something you might say when your opinion might offend someone or be in the minority... When someone says "opinions are like assholes", they mean that "opinions stink".
I personally think that the Ramones suck, but opinions are like assholes, right?
by codysockeye March 22, 2008
What Would You Do If There Was A Child Right In Front Of You? “I’d grab your buttcheeks and pull out my willy stir your asshole like a hot bowl of chili.”
by aq_ua March 29, 2021