slang for tennis shoes or sneakers, although generic brand of sneakers from wal-mart in the 80's trax represents unique sneakers that do not fall in name brand catagories.
"Hey those trax are tight! where'd you get those?"
by annie d. December 9, 2004
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1. Any of the several types of men that deny their married status.

2. Typical computer geek with distended abdomen.

3. Unable to sit-up. Sit-up-less. Proclivity to laziness.
I denied that I was married to my wife. She got irate with me, called me Trax, and didn't make my dinner. I now have no clean underwear since my wife now refuses to do my laundry.

I should do my sit-ups but I am in a trax mood today.
by tracks March 28, 2003
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A Korean rock band. Not so big in Korean but bigger in Japan. Consists of 3 members.
Jay Kim - Typhoon - Singer
Kim Jung Mo - X-mas - Guitarest
Kang Jung Woo - Attack - Bassist

Former Member

No Minwoo - Rose - Drummer

Now that Rose is no longer in the band they get fill in drummers. Some times even members from Super Junior.
Their name TRAX is based on their stage names... Typhoon of the Rose Attack on X-mas = The TRAX.
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The combination of trix (trick) and trap, both basically meaning the same thing, but if you want to be 100% sure your saying the right one use trax.
Trap - If a picture of a girl is displayed or posted somewhere and you notice that she has an adam's apple. Perfect example of a trap.

Trick - If you think your talking to a girl on the internet only to find out they say something that makes you realize they are a guy.


Guy: So what do you like to do for fun?
Girl (Actually a guy): Play with my penis. =

There you have it, trax.
by x The Beast x July 23, 2009
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The best electronica radio station ever. Invented by musical genius Renard Queenston, it has many aliases that each have their own genre. Truly is a masterpiece.
Friend 1 listening to Friend 2's headphones: "Holy crap, this is a good song! Where'd you find this at?"

Friend 2: "LapFox Trax."
by Mist117 June 7, 2011
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"Phat trax" is used to describe songs which have both "fresh rhymes" and "mad beats". If the music is lacking either of these, it does not qualify as "phat trax".

"Phat trax" is both singular and plural.
"If you lay down some mad beats, Dre can make phat trax all day long."
by Ovens December 17, 2004
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