the most popular opening move in chess where the pawn immediately in front of the king moves two spaces forward.

it immediately gains control of the center and also frees the queen and king's bishop. at the same time, it places a pawn on an undefended square and weakens d4 and f4.

a response of 1...e5 results in an open game.
bobby fischer rated 1. e4 best by test
by anonymous^X January 11, 2008
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E4E is a gang originated in South Korea. The gang wears black and white bandanas. Most EyEs have a cut on their eyebrow indicating shooters (one cut on each eyebrow) and main ground (one cut on either eyebrow). Main grounds may also have fire arms but usually fight using fists, bats, knives, katanas and even brass knuckles. EyEs have tattoos that say "E4E" or a sythe. OGs have sythes with small branches and yungs have sythes with black blades. The gangs motto is: "if a brother is got at, we get at that opp who tried at em 4x harder and get our eye back." Bystanders would usually call this group I-4s or the all seeing EyEs. E4E means Eye 4 Eye. This gang consists of African Amerians, Koreans, other asians ethnics, and some hispanic.
E4E- "Did yall see those I-4s beat that opp up in the alley down the street?"

E4E- "The all seeing EyEs are coming this way."
by Ax_on_Axe_off September 05, 2019
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A channel owned by Channel 4. Airs on UK tv: Freeview, Sky and On-Demand. Best Channel Eva.
by Clicker7 August 17, 2017
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The term E-4 Mafia refers to the network of SrAs, SPCs (and some CPLs) who do most of the things that actually get done in the Army and Air Force. Not all E-4s are in the Mafia, but by the time you get to E-4, they've probably done something for you, and by the time you finish being an E-4, you'll probably have done something for them, too.

They are the support personnel in positions where they know what is going on, know what is going to happen, and "know a guy" who can get things done that you need done.

Need a last minute appointment at the Dental Clinic? The E-4 Mafia has an agent in place that can make that happen for you.
Have a pay problem that needs resolving? The E-4 Mafia has a finance clerk that really knows how to get things fixed.

Need someone to take your CQ runner shift next weekend? The e-4 Mafia know a guy who's willing to do it for $100.
Have a new troop who's ate up like a soup sandwich? The E-4 Mafia know a guy who can train him.

But there's a dark side as well.
Have a supervisor who is a real PITA? Your E-4 Mafia can make his life into a little slice of hell. Appointments get rescheduled, supplies are not there for him, his POV always comes up for the "random" search at the gate, his pay problem paperwork stays at the bottom of the in-pile for two extra weeks, his dental appointment is with "the butcher" instead of the good one, he's always the last to get the word about anything in the unit, etc.
I was supposed to be PCSing in June, but my assignment got delayed, I couldn't get a resolution through normal channels, then the E4-Mafia got involved, a buddy called a friend at HQ, sorted things out, and my orders came through in two days.
by WTF-O August 08, 2017
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The E-4 Mafia is the unofficial "gang" of the Specialist rank in the U.S. Army. Notorious for knowing more than the E-5 Sergeants and normally too much for their own good. Squad leaders are usually very pissed off when "secret" plans reach the E-4 Mafia before THEY even hear about it. Usually their intelligence comes from untrustworthy sources, but sometimes they get lucky.
by Mikeymoped December 31, 2010
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The highest class of a pimp. E4-whores generally degrades women and uses them as a sex toy with little to no respect
jim: hey steve do you see how george treats his girlfriend?
steve: yea bro he’s a classic E4-Whore
by saucedbandz March 24, 2020
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