A form of duty in the United States Army which while on is your sole responsibility of to be the duty NCO's bitch to such an extent as to disallow anything remotely fun from happening in the barracks. This includes but is not limited to streaking the halls, sneaking in females, etc. Futher more you are usually assigned this duty on the weeknd, which according to army regulation shall pre-empt immediately any and all prior plans. This duty shall extend for 24 hours which which you must sit at a desk, and alternate between cleaning, answering the phone, signinging in airheaded civilians, and bed checks.
SGT Numbnuts: Private Fucksack, your on CQ tonight at 2100.
PVT Fucksack: *sigh* Roger, Sarge.
by PF-Sizzle December 7, 2007
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Calling any amateur radio station, may be sent in CW, phone or some digital modes. Directly translated from morse code, it means "calling all stations"
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 1, 2004
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1. A celibate Queen
2. One who values their body and allows time to see if they are going to give it up. (Time vets people out, only the real stay and the real get some)
3. Someone who isn’t quite waiting for marriage but isn’t into date hookups or first few weeks/months
“Being a CQ is really refreshing
by The LettiLady December 7, 2022
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crazy quail; a cross between a bird and a man that likes to lick cock and take it up the ass; give him a bag and he'll lick your balloon knot all night long; also goes by the initials CB or Corner Bitch
If you go to Hillcrest you can find CQ at the glory hole
by gramps September 20, 2006
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acronym for "chunder queen". referrs to that drunk broad who ruins everyones night by getting too drunk and vomiting
guy: she sure is the CQ of the night!
by oakbayhigh2011 December 31, 2010
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Coolness quotient. Much like IQ (Intelligence quotient) but it measures how cool the individual is.
Ever since Dave stopped hanging with the nerdy student council his CQ increased.
by j03c00l March 30, 2010
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Sweden - high Chick Quality
Ireland - low Chick Quality

Dude 1: Man, that trip to Dublin was great, though the CQ was pretty damn low!
Dude 2: Yeah, I'm glad to be home again, though our CQ here aint as great as Swedens, it sure is high compared to Ireland!
by Dallester November 10, 2009
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