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Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). It takes place yearly in Los Angeles around the 2nd weekend of May for three days, Friday - Sunday. Every year, the IDSA presents the world's most important show dedicated exclusively to the interactive entertainment industry and atteneded by tens of thousands of industry professionals from around the world to see the latest in interactive entertainment software and related products.
E3 2004 is gonna kick serious ass. Supposedly, the PS3 will be unveiled. But who knows for sure?
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
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It's like a big star trek convention, but all of the space crap has been replaced by awesome games.
by Poor boy from a poor family November 28, 2003
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I would kill my entire family to get to HEAR about e3
by me May 22, 2003
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The now dead Electronic Entertainment Expo.
They probably arn't doing anymore e3's.
by PantsHat August 03, 2006
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Probably the most overhyped and under-delivering event in all of the gaming industry. Basically an excuse for pasty white "industry leaders" to go and hit on the chicks at the Vampire: Masquerade booth.
"Wow, I'm going to E3! Too bad you're missing out on overhyped drivel!"
by placebo February 09, 2005
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