The way of acting and the feeling after use of the drug Ecstasy.
Man, Poofy was soo E-Tarded today.
by Mellissa What? November 24, 2006
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The is the side effects the day after taking exctacy. Much like a hang over. You can't fully function. You may drop or forget thing you normally wouldn't.
Person 1: Eh did you go to Molly's party last night?

Person 2: Yea. I thizzed so hard! Man I was rollin balls. I'm "e-tarded" today.
by VelvNigga. November 17, 2009
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n. A derogatory name given to people on Ecstasy by those not on the drug. It is due to E users' common desire to run up and hug everyone, or engage in other assorted hypersocial behavior which may seem annoying or intrusive to those who aren't on E
"Damn E-tards, always coming up and feeling my furry coat..."
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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An E tard is someone who frequently uses ecstasy and has become a retard because of it. They suffer from rapid weight loss, verbal diahhera, and depression.
"Dont take ecstasy frequently or youll become an e tard"
by kiwi82 April 27, 2008
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E-Tard noun "E" coming from the word Electronic and "Tard" from the word Retard.

Originated from the term "B-Tard" being any and all who visit the random board on 4chan. Also from the heavily used trend of putting "E" in front of words to make them seem cool and hip during the "DotCOM" boom of the late 90's to early 2000's.
P_Stone: Tyler stop being an E-Tard

Tyler: Well it takes one to know one *laughs ironically*
by P_Stone July 18, 2016
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The guy at a days inn running thru the hallway at 7 AM screaming, "THIS CARPET IS SO SOFT! ITS SO COMFY! YOU HAVE TO COME FEEL THIS!!!"
holy jeez. Trak is a complete e-tard right now. Can we just lock him out?
by Siggy April 25, 2005
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someone who uses exctacy on a regular basis and still thinks that their brain functions normally.
short for extacy-retard
Check out all the e-tards giving each other massages in the dark dirty corner over there.
Damn, another e-tard party.
by grkdaisy February 9, 2003
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