A lovably clumsy wierdo and an amazing friend. Mollis are gorgeous and insanely loyal. They will also try to fight anyone who hurts their friends.
Fuckboy: Who's that hottie over there?
Ashley: That's Molli don't even try she's way out of your league.
by OurLordAndSaviorPaneraChrist January 17, 2018
The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She's super pretty, smart, funny, and will make you smile. When you talk to her, you feel the best you've ever felt. You get nervous when you talk to her, because you don't want to mess anything up, so you make a joke to make her laugh. She has the BEST smile you'll ever see in your life!
Friend: Who is she!
Me: She's my Mollie. Mmhmm.
by ChillBruh April 7, 2015
very kind-hearted unless you piss her off, however is still there if you need her! Most Mollie's are hot but they don't know it and are very insecure. They listen to music a lot to get away from things. And loves to perform, Very trust worthy, if you have a mollie you shouldn't let her go as she'll be hard to forget and you won't be able to find someone like her again. Normally has Great Blue Eyes and is a medium height
You can tell she is a Mollie
by KingMKI January 4, 2014
The most amazing and perfect person you’ll ever meet. Molly is smart, caring, loving, compassionate, dedicated, a great listener, funny, and sometimes perverse. She thinks she's ugly, but she isn't. She is probably one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. She loves compliments even if she denies them to be true. Sometimes, she can be really shy and get all flustered, which is really cute and adorable even though she thinks it's embarrassing. If you let this girl into your life you will never regret it. She will care and love you if you give her the chance. Never hurt her because if you do you will regret the decision and make one of the biggest mistakes of your love life. You don’t want to break Molly’s heart because her trust never deserves to be broken.
Molly is to die for

Person one: wow that girl is amazing. And beautiful too.
Person two: must be a Molly
by Boy in a flower crown November 30, 2020
Used to refer to MDMA, but now refers to a variety of MDxx chemicals combined with a low dose of 2C-I(although not to all MDxx). Molly refers to MDxx which turns purple during a Marquis regent test. The low dose of 2C-I is usually added because 2C-I's a strong clean safe stimulant at low doses (usually because with the exception of MDMA, all MDxx class of compounds have less stimulant effects). Molly has euphoric effects that affects norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. It's usually found in the form of crystals, in ecstasy pills, and in powdered form in capsules. Molly and safrole are becoming rarer and rarer.
Dude 1:Where's the molly.
*ten years later*
Dude 1:Yes! Finally! I finally got the molly! This rave is rolling!
by CognitiveFuel September 24, 2013
A nickname that usually applies to a girl who is incredibly nice to people and will do anything for her friends. Somebody like her is rare, and you shouldn't lose her. Chances are, you want to go out with her but she's already friendzoned you and she's going out with your best friend.
"Wow she's so nice!" Said Kai "She'll probably turn out to be a Mollie."
by AssholeMcAssholeson March 15, 2015