1. A condition of abnormal facial hair development.
2. The inability to grow an adequate mustache (if one exists).
3. To grow facial hair that resembles a pervy old man or sexual predator.
The man's severe case of mustachular dystrophy caused him to be mistaken for a sexual predator.
by Turdikin August 15, 2012
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The popular deathcore/progressive/poopcore band hailing from San Jose, CA. Marked by their angelic leads and crushing bass lines.
Yo bro, you goin to that orbital dystrophy show at the macla?

yea dude its gonna be so fucking br00tal my grandmas tits will explode
by jkloljkloljk August 29, 2010
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A weak or susceptible vagina / female genitals that cannot withstand prolonged periods of abuse or have unusually low pain tolerance during intercourse.
Briana: When I have sex with my boyfriend, it becomes unbearable after even a minute
Doctor: It sounds like you might have vaginal dystrophy
by Secondhand Woman 6969 November 17, 2014
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When a black person (or a person of any other race) begins acting "black" by either making loud "black people noises" or just behaving annoyingly black in public.
*cough* that black man sure has a rancid case of acute nigger dystrophy. Just look at how he's schoolin dem niggas
by jjjjjjahck January 28, 2014
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When your balls shrink to the size of Swartz's because you are taking roids and frequently have roid rage, so therefore you use up all of your testerone creating tiny balls
Docter: It looks like you have Terminal Testicular Dystrophy

Patient: Fuck You
by Putko June 09, 2008
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The most painful disease known to man. According to the McGill Pain Scale, RSD also known as CRPS, ranks higher than childbirth and cancer in pain. Nicknamed the "suicide disease", it is a progressive disorder that develops most often after surgery or a simple injury such as a broken bone. The sympathetic nervous system freaks out, and the limb does not heal correctly. The person is left with debilitating burning pain. The disease can spread to other limbs, and to the internal organs once central sensitization occurs. All body systems are affected including bones, skin, blood vessels, etc.

Little is being done in terms of finding a cure or better treatment. Current treatment options suck and include Stellate Ganglion Blocks, Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks, epidurals, Ketamine infusions, Neurostimulation, Intrathecal Pumps, Calmare Therapy, & Lots of Medication.

Most people describe this condition as 'Hell" as you slowly lose function, independence, and live in very severe pain 24/7.
RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) is the most painful disease known to man!
by InfoBot2015 January 23, 2015
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Look it up on google, dearies.

It happens when one side/the affected limb, etc., can't take the bruises, bumps (the beating), anymore, and instead of pain going away, it keeps repeating itself. The result of numbness, tingling pain, stiffness, tremors (shaking of the limb), color changes in the skin, temerature changes in the affected limb, and more.

It can also cause insomnia, migranes, nausia, etc.

To cut it short:

A pain in the ass.
some guy 1:Hey, dude.
some guy 2:Yeah?
some guy 1:My RSD is flaring up, I have to go home
some guy 2:That stinks.
some guy 1:Like you'd know! Bastard.
by Pfft February 18, 2005
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