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A backwards Spoonerism of "small penis". One of the three standards of the Sinep Scale. Term used for identifying the 90% of the male population in the world who believe they are males who exude masculinity and coolness at every pore (gipsinebs) but in reality are jealous, self-loathing, insecure, and premature ejacualtors. Commonly also known as a tool. Lack any legitimate skills, knowledge, and/or true confidence to thrive in life. They are really followers and not leaders. A high percentage of llampsines are known to have an excessive preoccupation with the idea of money, cars, women, bling, partying, etc. and don't have a high enough IQ to formulate any other type of somewhat intelligent thought, but usually never attain such things. Ever. Any male who uses the term "swag" or "YOLO" to define any aspect of themselves is a tell tale sign of llampsineism. Obviously, a physical characteristic is having a small penis, which they always claim is bigger than it really is. Often confuse the idea of confidence and instead display arrogance, which is usually a psychological defense mechanism for their true insecure, hurt selves. 'Llampsines' is the technical way of spelling, but due to too many llampsines getting confused, 's' at the end can either denote singular or plural.
Parker: "Spencer is under the impression that he is coolest thing since sliced bread but is really the biggest nimrod around."
Jason: "He's a total llampsine."
Parker: "Got 'em..."

Notable llampsines:
Any mainstream modern rapper, Adam Levine, 99% of teenagers and young adults. Shit, the list is too long... Aforementioned, 90% of the male population.

If you or a loved one is displaying signs of llampsineism, call now, time is running out.
by d3ck3r October 27, 2014
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A standardized scale for measuring the masculinity of males. Judged upon their traits and abilities. There are 3 results of the Sinep Scale: llampsines, tapsinef, and gipsineb.
We used the Sinep Scale today and found that Amir is a llampsines, Faraz is a tapsinef, and Jason is a gipsineb.
by d3ck3r July 24, 2013
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One who Flounds. Term used for a certain type of basketball player. Strengths are quickness, driving, and shooting the ball moderately well. Playing style is unorthodox. Shoots layups with 2 hands. Tends to be lanky in stature. Weaknesses are, well, everything else. Prone to being rejected, out rebounded, and shooting bricks. Can get the job done.
Parker: "Jason, do you want Amir or Seth for your team?"
Jason: "Seth. He's a Flounder."
Parker: "Got 'em..."
by d3ck3r July 23, 2013
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A basketball video game released on September 28, 2004 from SEGA and Visual Concepts, and branded by ESPN. Remembered as one of the greatest general video games, let alone basketball, ever. A quintessential item to own for any basketball fan or video game player. A true magnum opus. Featured Ben Wallace on the cover. The game reflects the last season of true NBA magic where the likes of superstars (T-Mac, Kobe Bryant, AI, VC, Shaq, KG) combined with the swan song of future Hall of Famers (Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Scottie Pippen) and a pretty good talent pool in between. Is based from the Detroit Pistons' amazing championship season that is rememebered as one of the best Finals ever.

A game to reminisce to for any hoop head who remembers the good old days. Includes the indisputable greatest soundtrack known to man of underground hip-hop and other intergalactic beats. The crowd was crazy, the gameplay perfect, and all the dunks and game winners. The game mode '24/7' was prime where your created player battles NBA players on the street trying to work your way up. 'Street' mode features majestic, sweeping landscapes of courts from around the world. Rain or shine, day or night, you could just ball. You can literally feel the energy flow through your body while playing it and it feels everything seems right in the world. Even for 2004, still has pretty good graphics. SEGA and Visual Concepts crafted a genuine masterpiece that is still, and will always be, ahead of it's time...
I still play NBA 2K5 to this day, and always will... The evolution from playing it in elementary school all the way to now in college, and all the memories and good times in between. This game will be buried with me when I die. I wish the next generation consoles actually acknowledged the thought of technological advancement and included backwards compatibility so I could see what 2K5 is like on new consoles. But looks like it's the good old original Xbox for now...

If you still have an Xbox or PS2, you NEED to get this game, for dirt cheap too, so you can experience the magic. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain...

Parker: "Dude remember the good old days of the NBA? Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury were all-stars?"
Jason: "Yeah I do, those were the good days..."
Parker: "Reminds me of playing NBA 2K5 growing up and all of it's enchantment..."
by d3ck3r October 28, 2014
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The act of catching a person red-handed when they are not going to Sunday school.
Skyler: "Hey let's go somewhere else instead of class."
Parker: "Hey who's that?"
Skyler: "Man we got Mozingo'd!"
by d3ck3r June 2, 2013
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A backwards Spoonerism of "fat penis". One of the three standards of the Sinep Scale. Term used to identify 9% of the male popualtion of the world. Tapsinefs are generally more respected than their llampsine counterparts. Tapsinefs have the potential to be a gipsineb, but don't understand this potential. While many tapsinefs do have a higher fat content within the body from poor nutrition and/or lack of exercise, it is not necessary for tapsinefism. Though, a giveaway for a tapsinef is to have a fat penis. Are known to have minimal physical contact with sunlight or the outdoors. Spend a huge excess of time playing video games and little contact with people, especially of the opposite gender. Are usually nervous, shy, awkward and often suffer from delusions of grandeur of an unrealistically beautiful woman sweeping THEM off their feet. Basically, if you're not a douchebag (llampsine) but aren't an Alphamale (gipsineb), you're a tapsinef.
Parker: "Coño, mang. Look at her, she's even checking you out. Go over and talk to her!"
Amir: "I can't. I don't want to..."
Jason: "You're being a tapsinef like Faraz."
Parker: "Got 'em..."
by d3ck3r November 1, 2014
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A backwards Spoonerism of "big penis". One of the three standards of the Sinep Scale. Term used for identifying the 1% of the male population of the world who are the epitome of masculinity and coolness. They are the Alphamales of society. The masters of their domain. The stuff of legend. They are the leaders, not followers. They basically each have their own place on Mount Olympus. Women want them, men want to be them. Cool, calm, confident, ruthless, independent, intelligent, charming, clever, cunning, wise, introspective, powerful, mysterious, sophisticated, and of course handsome. Whatever they say is scripture for the rest of the masses. They are fully aware of their dominion and superiority, but unlike a llampsine who reeks of false confidence, gipsinebs are more do-er's than tell-ers - They let their actions do the talking. 99% of the rest of the male population - llampsines and tapsinefs - all want to be gipsinebs. While a lot of tapsinefs still do not yet understand their potential for gipsinebism, llampsines already think they are gipsinebs, in their skewed reality, but are anything but. When dealing with llampsines, gipsinebs will fight fire with fire and extinguish the llampsine's arrogance and cockiness by humiliating them, proving they are the superior males. Rather than chase after the bounty of women, like the llampsine endlessly does, women flock to him. Obviously, are well-hung and can satisfy any woman.
For the llampsines and reading that still can't comprehend the might of gipsinebs, a layman, abridged description follows:

Archetypal badass
Gipsinebs are perfect substitite subjects for sayings of Chuck Norris.
They are The Most Interesting Men in the World...

Notable gipsinebs: James Bond, Clint Eastwood, Hugh Hefner, King Leonidas, Sean Connery, Liam Neeson, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Parker Lewis, Brad Biggs, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Harry Connick Jr., Daniel Craig, Matt Damon, Samuel L. Jackson, Julius Erving, Bruce Lee, Jason Mangelson, Christian Bale, Raphael Max, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, Skyler Kinghorn, Cary Grant, Claude Speed, Brad Pitt, Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Jimmy Stewart, Robert de Niro, etc.
by d3ck3r October 27, 2014
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