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We always called a condom a Dunkie. From late 70s - 90s. S.Wales
by poobeard October 11, 2003
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pronounced dune-kee; the shortened version of "badunkadunk" meaning a woman's ass that is big, shapely and provides hours of viewing enjoyment.
"I gonna sip a little somethin' while you bounce that ass, Girl you gotta dunkie!"
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A sexual act, where a male inserts his penis into a doughnut, then proceeds to dunk the doughnut into a beverage. The doughnut is eaten off of the penis by his partner. Usually accompanied by oral sex during or after the Dunkie occurs.

The Dunkie can be performed with a variety of doughnuts and/or a number of doughnuts simultaneously. A cinnamon doughnut, could yield a Cinnamon Dunkie.

"Double Dunkie" when done with 2 doughnuts, "Triple Dunkie" with 3, and so on for the more well endowed and hungrier partners.
Dude I totally convinced my chick to do a Dunkie last night! She was hungry, so I gave her a double Cinnamon Dunkie.
by Nate70 June 28, 2010
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Pronunciation of "donkey" often used in Foxrock, Dublin, Ireland.
You wahnt to take cay of annnnenimal, you odipt a dunkie, roysh?
by Fearman November 09, 2007
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The smallest possible size of poop able to be naturally excreted from the anus.
I have the dunkies again
by Jeff ha ha August 09, 2003
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