When you drop a deuce and it sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl, then proceeds to float back to the surface.
“How was your shit man?” “Ah I have the Dunkies, probably the McDonalds we had earlier.”
by Moose_Balls7 December 28, 2021
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We always called a condom a Dunkie. From late 70s - 90s. S.Wales
by poobeard October 11, 2003
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Slang and/or abbreviated version of the loved coffee and doughnut giant Dunkin Donuts.
noun; nickname for Dunkin Donuts
"Man, I need my caffeine fix for the morning"
"You wanna hit up the Honey Dew?"
"No way man, I'm hittin up Dunkies, it's on the way anyway."
by Don Perry November 22, 2005
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The punishment suffered by pirates if caught masturbating while on watch
"Avast Jim-lad, what be that ye be doin? Floggin' molly on night's watch?! It be either Jack Ketch or a dunky for ye then!"
by drm201 August 18, 2011
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I am too embarrassed to buy a dunky, i send my dad to get them for me. Unfortunately he always brings back the extra-large size and i can't get the buggers to fit.
by Dunky Oggins December 9, 2003
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I need a dunkie to fuck my girlfriends wet cunt

MY dad took my dunkies off me for shagging the dog
by naughtybrethrin July 11, 2008
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pronounced dune-kee; the shortened version of "badunkadunk" meaning a woman's ass that is big, shapely and provides hours of viewing enjoyment.
"I gonna sip a little somethin' while you bounce that ass, Girl you gotta dunkie!"
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