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the way a ditz spells dumb. only very "blonde" people can say that. Or if someone or something is being extraordinarily shitty, then they are a dumn-ass
Hilary, how do you spell dumb? "d-u-m-b, why?" uhh..i spelled it d-u-m-n.

Gary is a dumn-ass.
by "PhiL" smzzz April 23, 2003
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the contraction of dumb and damn.
Him: (while holding ziploc bags below eyes) "do i have bags under my eyes?"
Her: you're really dumn
by recliners September 15, 2011
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A word George Bush describes himself to be. What he actually meant was the word dumb, but apparantly he was to "dumn" to spell correctly.
"I am not dumn"
by Pang Mu April 08, 2003
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1. Slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity. 2. Dull, uninteresting or appealing to one; gay.
1. "Yo dis bish be actuin' dumn foo."
"Wear a condom? What are you dumn or sumin'?"
2. "Reading and writing? Psh, dat shit be faakin' dumn mang."
"Yeah, if I was dumn I'd let yo ass go free for poppin' a cap in this hea boy's ass. But no, this nigga be blood. Bet ch'ya dumn ass didn't know that."
by ShaneFromMaine November 11, 2006
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